NY jury finds man who hacked up his girlfriend was just criminally negligent


Somorie Moses

A jury of Brooklyn residents in New York says a man who hacked up his girlfriend and put her head and a foot in a freezer might not have murdered her. There was other evidence as well.

Somorie Moses escaped second-degree murder charges in Brooklyn Supreme Court when he was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and concealment of a corpse, the New York Daily News reported.

Instead of a long prison sentence, he will serve four years in prison. Oh, and before I forget, he’s also a convicted sex offender.

Moses forced the slaying victim, Leandra Foster, into prostitution, and murdered her in 2017, prosecutors say.

Leandra Foster

He and a friend threw some of her parts out “like she was garbage,” the prosecutor said.

“He cut her up into nine pieces and threw her out with the trash,” prosecutor Madni said. “He wants you to believe that her other injuries happened in some other mysterious way.”

Clark tried to say a client beat her to death. He said he panicked and cut her up to conceal the murder.

Clark contended that Foster was brutally beaten by a violent sex work client, and succumbed to blunt force head injuries after she became disoriented and fell in the bathroom. Moses, she said, beat up her attacker, and panicked when Foster died.

Phone records showed she was still alive when her last client left, and an autopsy determined many of her severe injuries happened while she was still alive, the prosecutor said.

Moses sent her text messages saying he would “make her eyes close forever,” and threatening her, “’I will get you. Not how you expect and not when you expect,'” Madni said.

He’s a monster and will soon be free to kill again.

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Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

This is chaos. If you cannot trust the justice system, what people will do next? Nobody knows.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

My God, the criminal justice system is crazy, if you are a member of the protected victim class, then you are free to mayhem and violence with minor consequences.