NY leaders send their goodbyes to the Trump family – Trump responds


President Donald J. Trump announced last night that he and his family were moving to Florida and leaving New York because of the taxes and the harassment. The President talked fondly of New York and its residents and said he would help them when needed.

The response from the Democratic ‘leaders’ proves he is right in leaving. Mayor Bill de Blasio, a communist and his wife Chirlane McCray, were unpleasant, as was Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It says more about them than it does President Trump. The President wanted to work with them, but they wouldn’t do it.


Governor Andrew Cuomo was interviewed on MSNBC about his farewell tweet. Cuomo told smirking duo, Ali and Ruhle, that Trump is just doing it to help the legal case in New York. He doesn’t know that. He has no idea what his lawyer said and it’s quite doubtful it would help in any way.


On Friday, Trump tweeted a lengthy statement over several posts. He wrote:

“I love New York, but New York can never be great again under the current leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo (the brother of Fredo), or Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Cuomo has weaponized the prosecutors to do his dirty work (and to keep him out of jams), a reason some don’t want to be in New York, and another reason they are leaving.

“Taxes and energy costs are way too high, Upstate is being allowed to die as other nearby states frack & drill for Gold (oil) while reducing taxes & creating jobs by the thousands.

“NYC is getting dirty & unsafe again, as our great police are being disrespected, even with water dumped on them, because a Mayor and Governor just don’t “have their backs.”

“New York’s Finest must be cherished, respected and loved. Too many people are leaving our special New York. Great leaders would work with a President and Federal Government that wants our wonderful City and State to flourish and thrive. I Love New York!”


More people are leaving New York region than any other in the nation, and they are the productive New Yorkers. More than 46 percent of New Yorkers of all ages moving out of the state are in the bracket earning above $150,000.

The Empire State budget is in near-freefall, in no small part due to lower revenue from the middle class and upper-class workers, while growing states like Texas and Florida are in surplus. Governor Andrew Cuomo noted a $2.3 billion hole in the state budget earlier this year, caused largely by oppressive policies that have gutted the local population and economy. More than 450,000 people moved out of New York in the last year alone, according to an opinion article in the hill.

In the Big Apple, the tax burden on high earners is onerous. The local government relies solely on the top 10 percent for over 70 percent of taxes, with the top 1 percent paying more than the bottom 90 percent combined.

There are too many needy people, revenue is going down, and the bureaucrats just keep spending.

The current spending levels are likely unsustainable for the Big Apple in the long term, according to the report in The Hill by Karen Tate, a Libertarian author.



Maybe the leaders should be nicer to their residents. When the Tea Party rose up in New York, Cuomo told conservatives to leave. He thinks the city belongs to him. This is just more proof that these bureaucrats don’t care about the people. The people just exist to fork money over to them. We’re meaningless. They like people here illegally because they will one day vote for them if they don’t already. And, one day, they won’t care about the people here illegally either.

Donald Jr. responded also:

“Nice soundbite. Now do the tens of thousands of other successful New Yorkers and businesses fleeing your idiotic policies every week. I’ll wait. Also, I don’t remember this sentiment ever stopping you from coming to [Trump’s] office begging for $. I was there. GOOD TIMES,” Don Jr. tweeted.

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