Mass Hysteria Over Trump Win


The left is not only hysterical, the media is encouraging it. The media has whipped up most of the hysteria.

An NFL writer for the NY Post, Bart Hubbuch, deleted a tweet comparing Trump’s Inauguration with Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Oh right, one can see the comparison, thousands died today. Oh, no wait, thousands didn’t die today.

Unfortunately for him, I have a screenshot.

He saw his career as a columnist at the NY Post flash before his eyes and apologized. On his twitter account, he brags about being a favorite of leftist crazy person Alec Baldwin.

Hubbuch isn’t alone. The hysteria is widespread.

The media is encouraging it.

Another one is terrified, TERRIFIED, of Trump wiping out radial Islamic terrorism. Doesn’t Trump know you aren’t allowed to use the word “Islamic”?

The hysteria continues.

The best or worst, depending on how you look at it, is the next one.

Michael Savage warned of mass delusions and mass hysteria in 2009.

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