NY ‘protesters’ egg Rudy’s car in MAGA caravan, call him ‘f-king scum’


Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani rode in the Jews for Trump and MAGA car caravans in New York City. His car was egged and he was called ‘fucking scum’ by the delightful Biden supporters.

Some of the people who did it were dressed like Antifa and they probably are. Antifas are anarcho-communist revolutionaries and they are Biden supporters.

As Rudy said with an air of resignation, if this is what you like, vote for Joe and you’ll have more of it.

Watch the assaults:

Jews for Trump were pelted with rocks and eggs:

Hero Heshy is in this clip:



  1. Thanks for the ad material comrades. Too bad so sad about the glorious people’s collective utopia that won’t be happening. Feel free to redistribute your wealth and gadgets to a comrade who may not be so fortunate.
    I like a couple of Starbucks flavors but don’t like the high prices, Mac machines are the kings of music but the prices are outrageous compared to a Windows box, could you hook a comrade up for the good of the collective?
    Forward! Yes we can!

  2. Counter-protesters confronted MAGA demonstrators at 5th Ave. and 59th St. while police stood by and watched.
    The NYPD used to be called, “New York’s Finest.” But thanks to commie de Blasio, not anymore.

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