NY Times Admits to Hand-Grenades, Weapons of War, Violence in Sweden


Sweden’s all feminist government. How is that working out for women?

The New York Times finally admitted what they mocked President Trump for saying last year. In an article titled, “Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class,” the Times reports that weapons of war and clan-like violence have accompanied an influx of immigrants from certain parts of Europe and the greater Middle East.

There have been more than 100 incidents using military-grade explosives in Stockholm. Police say it’s an arms race among immigrants gangs. Explosions and grenades seizures since 2014 have been on the rise.

Sweden was such a loverly, peaceful place when I was there.


Last February, President Trump mentioned it at a rally in way of a warning, “…look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?” He was referencing a Tucker Carlson report from the night before. The report quoted Sweden’s own statistics. Trump wasn’t referencing an attack, he was referring to Tucker’s report.

The former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt wanted to know what Trump has been smoking.

The New York Daily News ran with a what has he been smoking story. Ultra-left NY Magazine also wrote about how confused Sweden is. The entire media went wild over a nothing story. The dumb reporters at The Washington Post wrote that he left Europeans “baffled”. Politico simpled denied the situation.

CNN went even further: Sweden reacts to Donald Trump: ‘Has someone stolen our meatballs?’

The BBC also mocked him.

Mediaite wanted to know if Trump thought there was an attack in Sweden because of the Tucker Carlson show.

The Times quoted kebab shop owner and asylum seeker Paul Borisho who — like many Europeans — expressed fear and concern over the trajectory of the continent: “Now, when I think of the future, I am afraid… I am afraid for Europe.”


Germany’s OPEN BORDERS Merkel finally admitted there are no-go zones in Germany. She said three days ago, people have a right to feel safe when they meet in public places. When asked to clarify, she specified that she was talking about no-go zones.

“It means for example that there cannot be any no-go areas, that there cannot be areas where no-one dares to go but there are such places,” she said. “One has to call them by name and do something about it.”

In January 2015, Fox openly discussed the no-go zones to criticism from everyone. European leaders roundly condemned anyone saying there were no-go zones. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, a Communist, launched a lawsuit against Fox News though that never went anywhere — it was a frivolous suit.

Fox News apologized to the Mayor.

The news media roundly mocked Fox News.

Nolan Peterson, an investigative reporter, who reported mostly on the Ukraine, talked about the no-go zones. I communicated with him personally after he was butchered in the media for spreading an allegedly false story about no-go zones. Mr. Peterson told me there are indeed no-go zones and they are trying to ruin his reputation for telling the truth.

If you’ve been to some of these countries severely affected by the mass migration, you know that there are no-go zones.

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