NY Times Blatantly Lied About Their “Leaked” Climate Report


The NY Times came out with a dramatic article predicting climate change disasters in a draft report written by Obama embeds in the government agencies. This was the day after the U.S. was officially taken out of the Paris Accords.

In furtherance of the MSM’s propensity to lie, they lied about this report being “leaked” and kept from the public. It has been available online since January and there is no new news. There’s just propaganda.

There hasn’t been any negligible global warming in 16 years but the NY Times report says otherwise. The hysterics have come up with excuses for what they call is a “pause” in warming.

Government data has been fudged, experts have been ignored, Arctic Ice is not vanishing, and so on, but that is never considered.

The media lied and they know they lied

WaPo and NY Times are claiming the report is a leak and it was leaked because the scientists were fearful the report would be suppressed. Only, that is a lie.

The report has been available publicly since January as we know from climate scientists tweeting about it. The lying MSM is inventing a conspiracy of censorship.

One of the scientists interviewed by the NY Times tweeted:

And finally this:

Technically, the NY Times finally did upload a fifth draft – switched it out after publication – that isn’t public yet but scientists explained there are no substantive changes over prior documents.

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