NY Times Calls Out for ‘Climate Justice’ – Obama’s Next Distraction


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The New York Times reported today that there is a “Growing Clamor About Inequities of Climate Change‘. The NY Times, an arm of the Obama Administration, appears to want the US to compensate poor countries for extreme weather throughout the world.

Extreme weather is our fault and our responsibility based on the incomplete science of global warming. The claims ignore the extreme weather that has gone on in affected countries since weather history was first recorded.

Without any scientific evidence to back it up, they cite the Phillipine typhoon as the fault of developed nations (hashtag the US) who are polluting the most.

The Philippines wants compensation after we set aside billions to help them in their time of need while China, India, Russia, et al, also ‘polluters’, do nothing.

This could be the distraction from Obamacare that Mr. Obama needs and the NY Times is right there to help him out.

The Times writes: “From the time a scientific consensus emerged that human activity was changing the climate, it has been understood that the nations that contributed least to the problem would be hurt the most. Now, even as the possible consequences of climate change have surged — from the typhoons that have raked the Philippines and India this year to the droughts in Africa, to rising sea levels that threaten to submerge entire island nations — no consensus has emerged over how to rectify what many call ‘climate injustice.'”

The science is by no means decided but it works for the UN and worldwide Marxism.

The climate injustice Fuhrers are holding their 19th conference at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the cries for restitution from the US are loud and clear.

Bangladesh wants justice because the extreme weather, they say, is caused by emissions they did not cause. The Seychelles, Kenya, Somalia, Bolivia, they all want our money though there is no specific proof their long-standing problems are caused by the US.

The Weather Fuhrers want wealth from the ‘polluters’ redistributed to all poor nations throughout the world. It’s a scheme that almost exclusively affects the US since we are the ones they see as causing most of the problem and the only ones who would cooperate. We are also the ones with money, money we have spread out very generously to nations throughout the world and for which we receive little gratitude apparently.

The environmental justice Fuhrers are drawing up treaties to compel nations like China and India to reduce emissions, knowing all the while that China and India have already said they have no interest in cooperating.

Every poor country that is hit by any weather abnormality must be compensated for it by the US and European countries, but mostly the US. It is a grand redistribution scheme.

The UN membership want a huge fund we contribute to and which the UN would spread about. The UN might settle for a kind of ‘insurance’ that we would fund. So far, the US hasn’t signed on. When and if we do, it will be our death knell, something the dictators in the UN have long hoped for.

For now, it’s a distraction and a means by which Mr. Obama can shut down coal, overtax fossil fuels, and kill the Keystone XL pipeline. If this keeps up, we too will be poor and will languish at the mercy of the OPEC thugs.



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