NY Times Denigrates the USA to Commemorate Independence Day


Last week, the New York Times published a vile anti-Border Patrol article by a woman who wants the officers doxxed and publicly shamed for doing their difficult and dangerous jobs. This week, in time for Independence Day, the day we declared our freedom from the British, the New York Times published a video op-ed entitled “Please Stop Telling Me America Is Great.”

July 4 is the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776. It was an amazing feat.

Bands of farmers beat off the then-authoritarian British in a most remarkable revolution. They did it for freedom. It was different than the bloody revolution of France which ended up with an authoritarian form of government more brutal than the monarchy.

The United States, under the brilliant leadership of the Founding Fathers, became a land of the free and opportunity. It was unlike any other in history. With freedom and freedom in markets, it gave the most freedom and wealth to the greatest number of people in a country in all of history.

There was never anything like it before or since. The way of the world is not that, it’s statism, poverty, and control of the masses.


The two narrators are Taige Jensen and Nayeema Raza. Their video listed a great many things that they think make the United States less than great and it went strictly along the lines of partisan progressive politics. They don’t like gun ownership, they distrust the police, and they do not support private healthcare.

“When health, education, and safety are increasingly privatized or driven by privilege, the truth is how great America is really depends on how rich you are,” the narrator says, warning against “jingoism.”

They definitely don’t want people to be proud of their country and they hate the rich.

They refer to the USA as a ‘democracy’ when it clearly is not. It’s a Constitutional Republic. They discuss an 18% poverty rate in the cities, but 80% of the cities are run by Democrats.

The left has dumbed down our education and yet, these two complained about it, explaining it as a reason we are not great.

They added that not enough people come out to vote as if that has something to do with greatness. It has more to do with the fact that in states like mine — New York — any voice that is not on the far-left has been silenced. Our votes are meaningless.

They claim there is election tampering and mention lunatic Stacey Abrams who lost by more than 50,000 votes. Abrams is still insisting she is the real governor and would have won were it not for election tampering. The fake governor has never presented one bit of evidence. She, on the other hand, tried to corrupt the vote and wants illegals voting.


So, for July 4th, these two leftists writing for a far-left paper say “we’re just okay.” When Obama was in office, they undoubtedly thought we were great as he took our freedoms away.

They want people to associate success and greatness with the far-left Democrats and tie impoverishment, distrust, privilege, and poor education with Republicans.

In fact, the opposite is true. We are enjoying a highly successful economy and minorities are going back to work.

If we were just okay, it’s unlikely people would flee their countries to get into ours in droves.

Their vision of flooding the country with anonymous people and doing nothing for the homeless will make us not so great. Giving free healthcare to anyone who breaks our laws and rolls into the country will help destroy our economy. All of their progressive policies are socialist and communist. They will destroy the United States. Then we will be much less than great.

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4 years ago

On this July 4, 2019, take a moment to remember that the signers of the Declaration of Independence all together at once not only signed one of the most significant documents in world history, but also signed their own death warrants as traitors to the King of England. Their love of freedom drove them to risk, “(their) lives, (their) fortunes, and (their) sacred honor”.
We must not forget that the defense of that freedom comes at a price. It was a price thousands of ordinary American Patriots paid to make America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. It may take the payment by many more ordinary American Patriots to keep this country free.

4 years ago

The details of each story the major media produces is controlled by an editor, who is controlled by the guidelines and agenda established by the board and executives of the corporations, who is selected by the owners/stockholders, who are almost all globalist, new world order rich white guys. This might change someday, but for now, the MSM is almost all under the thumb of rich white globalists who belong to special clubs and have large ownership in banks.
In turn, journalists are mostly progressive, liberal minded individuals selected by the progressive, liberal minded editors, and their mindset/worldview fits in with the ultimate ownership.
Therefore, at this point in history, almost all news organizations can put out their version of what’s happening, skillfully omitting whatever they want, and creating a storm over minor details which fit their agenda.
This cannot last forever because the American public is figuring it out and CNN, for one, is losing it’s literal corporate butt.

4 years ago

Why the New York Times and other liberal publications, the Main Stream Media, tech giants, social media, some corporations, and, sadly, today’s Democrat Party—plus some RINOs—have teamed up with the evil New World Order cabal that’s dedicated to establishing a worldwide dictatorship ruled by psychopathic elites is impossible to understand. Why would they want that nightmare for humanity? Bill Gates has stated that he’s focused on population control. That sounds ominous. They are all working in unity to destroy the United States. Destruction of our great nation is the key to their ability to end the sovereignty of ALL nations and usher in their sick world government. The Bushes, Fords, Clintons, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and many other well-known families and individuals are working hard in very underhanded ways to take down our country, our system of government, our Christian and Judaic values, and replace them with the cabal’s warped, twisted, Satanic preferences. This is a new kind of warfare in which we are now engaged, and there absolutely is a spiritual component to this form of warfare. God help all patriots to save our nation’s sovereignty and to stop the cabal and it’s minions from achieving their frightening goals. Trump 2020!