NY Times Disgusting Collusion Article About Fox, Rush and Others



Rush Limbaugh addressed a New York Times hit piece published two days ago in which he was implicated in a dinner that was allegedly set up to bring together Fox News, Marco Rubio, Rush Limbaugh and others to collude on the Senate amnesty bill. The Times didn’t come out and lie, they suggested and insinuated. It was cleverly done and it was meant to stir distrust and more division.

Rush remembers the dinner that took place in 2011, five years ago and two years before the immigration-amnesty bill. He doesn’t remember it being about immigration or Rubio being part of it. Rubio did ask to come on Limbaugh’s show TWO YEARS LATER but the New York Times only used part of Rush’s quote and suggested the interview was soon after.

This is what the Times published as evidence Rush was possibly in on it.

Mr. Rubio publicly and privately worked to assuage the fears of Mr. Limbaugh, who on air called him a “thoroughbred conservative” and assured one wary listener that “Marco Rubio is not out to hurt this country or change it the way the liberals are.”

On Jan. 29, 2013, the same day Mr. Obama highlighted immigration in Las Vegas, Mr. Limbaugh had Mr. Rubio on as a guest to talk about immigration and called him “admirable and noteworthy” during a warm conversation about the bipartisan immigration plan.

“I know for you border security is the first and last — if that doesn’t happen, none of the rest does, right?” Mr. Limbaugh lobbed.

“Well, not just that,” swung Mr. Rubio. “That alone is not enough.”

The conversation concluded with Mr. Rubio saying: “Thank you for the opportunity, Rush. I appreciate it.”

“You bet,” Mr. Limbaugh said.

This is the rest of what Rush said that the corrupt Times left out. Rush discussed the full quote on his show Monday:

Rush said he has had Schumer on his show, Romney, and others but he generally doesn’t have guests. He rarely has guests unless it’s a president or vice president. He constantly says no to people who want to get on his show. His show is about the people and he doesn’t want to be beholden or have others beholden.

Too many jumped on this without waiting to hear the truth. Breitbart called it a “bombshell”.

I don’t know if there was any collusion with Fox or their hosts but once one lie is proven, nothing else can be regarded as truthful. It’s a bombshell of BS.

A caller to Rush’s show on Monday said he didn’t take the Times article as saying he was colluding on immigration reform and he wanted to know why Rush did go so easy on Rubio.

Listen to Trump’s response and consider how popular Rubio was and how he was considered a conservative firebrand by everyone. He went up against the machine and won.

In this next clip, Rush explains why he called Rubio a “solid conservative” a few weeks ago.


I knew this was more leftist codswallop.

NY Times Hit Piece: Conservatives Who Collude with Rubio – More Leftist Poppycock



  1. Even if I didn’t hear Rush on air yesterday, there is absolutely NO WAY you could ever convince me, Rush Limbaugh “colluded” with anybody, EVER.
    You might question the Conservative integrity of many people – some with valid points, but Mr. Limbaugh will never be one of them. I have listened to his commentaries over the course of many years and fully attribute my own ability to weed through every Leftist endeavor and conclude exactly what their end goal really is.
    I belong to a private blog, some of it’s members who, themselves, have lost track of the number of doctorates they accumulated…it is no ordinary blog. In just one year, I was awarded BOTY, Blogger of the Year. Coming up against several hard left contributors, I literally crushed them at every turn. In an accusatory manner they asserted, “I bet you even listen to Rush.” My response, I not only listen but am a proud alumni member of the Limbaugh Institute.
    He taught me how to decipher, “Liberal Speak,” translating their tortuous language from double talk into real English meanings. He taught me how to look at what might appear as a harmless, benign leftist initiative, to the end game always meant to inflict pain and the destruction of liberty and freedom in America.
    So Marco Rubio was not even in attendance at that dinner, his name never even mentioned. And with impeccable foresight, Rush stated the inevitable. Within 48 hours after any amnesty is granted, the Left, Democrats, will be demanding the 30 MILLION (10 million was YEARS ago) will swiftly be ushered to the voting polls. What’s more, even if they are not legally granted voting rights, you can bet your bottom dollar they will be committing voter fraud in massive numbers to wit Establishment Republicans will do absolutely NOTHING about.

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