We Won! NY Times Declares “Fake News” Dead


We have won! At least for now. Fake news is dead.

Fake News was an invention of the left, led by Barack Obama, Democrat operatives, and the media. It was intended to silence the right-wing. It has been successfully turned against the left by Donald Trump, and they’re giving it up. Fake news didn’t work out the way they hoped

About a week ago, The Washington Post (WaPo) published an editorial stating that it might be time to drop the term “fake news”. WaPo has been the subject of the “fake news” scandal, something they didn’t expect. Intercept and other publications pointed out their perfidy on a number of occasions when they printed fake news.

Today, the NY Times came out and said a new strategy is needed, claiming Trump is a master manipulator who turned the tables on journalists, making them appear to be the fake news. [But they are the fake news]

From the Times

That” was Donald J. Trump’s inaugural news conference as a duly elected United States president-to-be, in which he called BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage,” dismissed CNN as “fake news” and more or less told the whole lot of reporters at Trump Tower to stuff it when it comes to his unreleased tax returns because everyday Americans don’t care and, anyway, “I won.”

It’s Trump’s fault he called them out for spreading “fake news”?

After blaming Trump for the fake news published by Buzzfeed and promoted by CNN in an extreme way, the author, Jim Rutenberg writes:

But every journalistic misstep gives more fodder to people who want to stop the efforts against “fake news” by turning the tables and labeling those efforts — or any other solid journalism they don’t like — as “fake news” as well, corrupting the term for their own purposes (a classic case of “no, you are!”).

In calling BuzzFeed a “failing piece of garbage,” Mr. Trump gave it a cri de coeur. But there was collateral damage: Mr. Trump’s “fake news” charge against CNN, in front of many millions of Americans, went directly at its core purpose as a global news provider.

Manipulative Media Calls Trump Manipulative

And they call Trump a master manipulator? Rutenberg continues:

That, in turn, drew protest from Mr. Smith of BuzzFeed, who said he was “not going to participate in an attempt to divide the media against each other.”

And so, Mr. Trump won again, by succeeding in doing just that. It was all part of a show in which he used news organizations as props in their own lampooning while he played them off each other with labels of good and bad and selectively answered their policy questions.

Buzzfeed turned their failed reporting into a case of Trump’s trying to divide the media.

Rutenberg is actually calling for the media to stand behind each other’s reporting, even false, salacious stories:

A united front would have given the reporters a more even footing. But that was woefully lacking when Mr. Trump shouted down Jim Acosta of CNN, who said Mr. Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, threatened to eject him.

Acosta was extremely rude and after the presser, he was screaming at Sean Spicer who said he’d be evicted if he did it again. One CNN reporter had a question asked. It’s not as if CNN was ignored.

Even though we’ve likely won on the fake news setup, we can’t stop calling them out because they will get worse. Trump has gone nuclear on twitter over fake news. He has brought the fight to the highest levels and right now, the left-wing media has lost.

The fact is the media is upset because in their enthusiasm to destroy Trump, they hurt themselves, and he turned the tables on them. Suddenly, they are sorry they didn’t support Fox News when they were called fake news. They thanked Shepherd Smith, a liberal anchor on Fox News, for sticking up for an unrepentant CNN.

Who’s munipulative?

Seth Meyers came out and said the term needs to be retired. As we said, it didn’t work out the way we hoped.

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John L. Battey
John L. Battey
7 years ago

By late that night the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, released a statement backing Donald Trump and dropping the hammer on the news media for damaging the intelligence community with their false allegations.