NY Times Gives Trump 95% Chance of Winning


The map below is live and keeps changing. It’s the forecast as of 10:15 pm EST. They are predicting that Trump has a 79% chance of winning but that will change as the states come in. [Update: It just went to 95%, Very Likely]

The Dow is down and we the people don’t give a hoot. Mexico’s peso is also down. Wall Street has a lot of money invested in Hillary. Mexico is invested in her winning also obviously.

Asian markets are careening along with our futures.

They will get over it. They just don’t know what they will do with their lobbyists.

As a cautionary note, this is very fluid.


forecast forecast2

Click on this to see the LIVE movement of electoral votes or type this in your url: http://www.nytimes.com/elections/results/president

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