NY Times Glorifies Antifas While FBI Investigates Their Members for Domestic Terrorism


On Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed during a House Homeland Security hearing on “global terrorism threats,” that individuals affiliated with Antifa are under investigation for domestic terrorism.

There was a brief back-and-forth during Wray’s testimony about “inciting riots” which likely referred to the riots Antifa started at Trump’s inauguration.

One of those rioting at one protest was Marxist Tim Kaine’s son Woody.

The FBI doesn’t investigate ideologies, Wray said, which is likely the reason neither he or anyone in authority cares about the fact that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Communists and Anarchists. [They are also Democrat Party workers.]

If we know there are domestic terrorists in Antifa, why is the NY Times glamorizing them? In an article for Style, titled, “What to wear to smash the state”, the author focuses on their “look” and their stylish black clothing and boots.

The author Rick Paulas ignored their origins in World War II Germany as the militant arm of the Communist Party. He does mention the Hitler admirer who drove into Heather Heyer and other Antifa and Black Lives Matter, but forgot to mention he’s a schizophrenic who said he was frightened by the mob when he charged forward.

The Times author glorifies the group and, about the group’s violent rioting on Inauguration Day, all the author would do was describe an artist who took part:

Min is an artist. For her, this is one of the most unappreciated aspects of black bloc as a style. It’s tactical, and practical, and it’s also an art form with the effect of building solidarity long after the boots go into the closet. The experience of being enveloped in anonymity helps retain the movement’s ideology, after the balaclavas get folded up and stacked in the drawer.

“In spheres where we don’t have uniforms, we really embrace individuality,” Min said. “But black bloc creates a feeling of ‘Who you are is who I am.’ Of ‘It doesn’t matter who I am when we’re fighting together.’”

The media, Hollywood and some in our government are soft on communism.

Joseph McCarthy wasn’t all wrong and when he went after the communists in Hollywood in the 1950s. There were many Communists trying to take over the industry. All he did was delay it. Look at how many in Hollywood are hard-left.

A very popular ’40s and ’50s actress/singer named Virginia Mayo once said, “The blacklisting that took place in Hollywood was slightly different than how you hear of it today. There was a genuine Communist threat in this country and there were Communistic actors, directors, screenwriters and producers in Hollywood trying to grab control of the industry and use it for their own end, which was to spread Communist propaganda throughout the country and the world. The system used to get rid of the Communists was bad. Joseph McCarthy and his methods were a little cruel and drastic. But the Communist danger was there. And it has grown.”

It has more than grown now.

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