NY Times Got Another Key Point Wrong in the Kavanaugh Story


Just when you think the NY Times couldn’t look any more ridiculous, another egregious error spills out.


A book review in the NY Times this weekend offered a new scurrilous allegation against Brett Kavanaugh from decades ago. It’s already been debunked, but one piece of information is new.

A new witness Max Stier, a Clinton lawyer and donor, allegedly notified senators and the FBI before Kavanaugh’s confirmation about Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct, but the FBI did not investigate, the Times reported.

Just as an aside, Kavanaugh has been investigated seven times for the different positions he has held.

According to the book, at least two senators on the Judiciary Committee learned of Stier’s allegations.

Last fall, two intermediaries for Stier told The Post they shared the account with a veteran FBI agent, who assured them it would be passed on to officials directly responsible for Kavanaugh’s background check. They said the witness also shared his account with a Senate Judiciary Committee member who offered assurance that it would be passed on directly to officials responsible for the background check.


Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, told reporters it’s the first he’d heard of it.

“That person, Mr. Stier, didn’t reach out or provide information to the committee majority,” Mr. Grassley said during a Senate floor speech. “My office never received anything from Mr. Stier or his unnamed friends.”

Mr. Grassley, whose panel oversaw the Kavanaugh confirmation process, said Monday that his staff members would have interviewed Mr. Stier.

“Had my staff received substantive allegations or had he approached me or my staff, we would have attempted to take a statement and interview him,” he said Monday.

In his floor speech, Mr. Grassley denounced The New York Times for “some embarrassing, irresponsible missteps.”

“This is not an allegation. It’s barely a third-hand rumor,” he said.

Among other things, The Times report initially hadn’t noted that the woman in Mr. Stier’s account does not recall any such misconduct.



  1. Coward Grassley has no case to make. He & China Mitch allowed the abuse from the hearing to go unpunished. Feinstein deserved a major ethics investigation. The DOJ should have been urged to file charges against “witnesses”. Hearings should have been called. Instead, the RINOs let the Kavanaugh hearings become a smear circus, and did nothing to respond.

    Now Lindsey is hiding since he took Grassley’s role and is scared.

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