NY Times Honors Mass Murderer Mao on the Anniversary of His Death


The New York Times’ archival Twitter account deleted a tweet on Monday that described Mao Zedong as “one of history’s great revolutionary figures.”

Mao died 43 years ago and was the chairman of China’s Communist Party from 1949 until his death. He completely changed the culture [like the communists are doing in the USA], killed up to 100 million people, and tortured and imprisoned millions more. He exiled the educated Chinese and his Red Guards ran about attacking political opponents and destroying cultural artifacts.

The tweet was linked to Mao’s 1976 obituary in which he was called Father of the Chinese Revolution. Father seems like the wrong word.


“Born at a time when China was wracked by civil strife, beset with terrible poverty, and encroached on by more advanced foreign powers, he lived to fulfill his boyhood dream of restoring it to its traditional place as a great nation,” the obituary said. “With incredible perseverance and consummately conceived strategy, he harnessed the forces of agrarian discontent and nationalism to turn a tiny band of peasants into an army of millions, which he led to victory throughout China in 1949 after 20 years of fighting.”

Isn’t that lovely?

The obituary called him a complex man but he wasn’t. He was just a thug who conned people by doing some good works for the poor just like Hitler, Castro, Chavez and so on. It’s what they all do. It’s part of the con.


They deleted it after they got blowback and claimed it lacked historical context. There is no historical context that could make him a “great Revolutionary figure.” The only missing context is the NY Times loves their murderous communist dictators.

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4 years ago

In the last century, the NYTIMES has excused and defended, been apoligists for, have proven to have lied and distorted both the scope of and the savage barbarity of the totalitarian monsters Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, . . .fascist progressives one and all, totalitarianism be it on the right or left (hmmmm who planted that idea) is evil from the same tree, branches of brutality