NY Times Jumps The Shark With Their ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Article


The New York Times has quite a piece out today. It’s a masterful work of bull combined with facts about the Trump-Russia probe. The Times admits the truth — to some degree — about the origins of the investigation. At the same time, they exonerate the guilty left and bash the very real victims on the right. Sadly, their admirers will buy into it completely.

The Times 100 percent jumps the shark with this article but will their Trump-hating followers pick up on it?

If you will notice, there is zero accountbility for anyone on the left.

In July 2016, as the tale goes, agents pursued the most secretive mission in the FBI history. They went to London to meet with Alexander Downer who said he had evidence that a Trump official knew about the Hillary Clinton email hacking by Russians. The person is a member of the Trump campaign and he knew prior to the hacking [which is not true of course].

The nickname of this top secret and asinine mission is ‘Crossfire Hurricane’. The object of their mission was to meet with dupe George Papadopoulos as well as Downer. George is the man named by Alexander Downer who gave him the information while drunk.

This could have been the Strzok insurance policy to take down Donald Trump.

I love the Rolling Stones and the song that inspired ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ for which this mission was named, but the entire investigation is a bad joke. These agents are the Keystone Kops if they believed it, and are totally corrupt if it was part of their coup d’état.

One big problem with the story of course is the investigation of Trump had already begun two months before the date the Times cites. Someone, please, tell the Times!


The Times piece says: The two cases [Hill and Trump] have become inextricably linked in one of the most consequential periods in the history of the F.B.I.

That’s right, immediately after they exonerated the guilty Hillary, they went full-bore after Trump.

The Russians must have been wild with joy. In their wildest dreams, they could never have believed the USA was more corrupt than they are and dumber than they ever imagined.

It should also be mentioned that it is illegal for U.S. intelligence to enlist foreigners and foreign spy agencies in a spying operation on Americans.


The FBI didn’t dare share their idiotic findings with the people “across the street” because that corrupt, arrogant buffoon Strzok said not to.

The Times wrote: Peter Strzok, a senior F.B.I. agent, explained in a text that Justice Department officials would find it too “tasty” to resist sharing. “I’m not worried about our side,” he wrote.

Cheatin’ Strzok wasn’t worried about his side. That’s rich.! Anyone hear about Adam Schiff, hello?

Former FBI director Jim Comey now admits he was too transparent about Hillary, the Times says. Too transparent??? he lied through his teeth and let her off for her real crimes. He lied. In fact, he can’t stop lying.

On Aug. 2, 2016, two days after they opened the investigation into Trump, it was a “go”, says the Times [even though the probe was months old by then].

The same people who put the fix in on Hillary were responsible for this probe. The people who knew Hillary was guilty and cleared her of guilt before the election, also tried to hurt Trump. That’s reassuring!

This is four-way hearsay probe about a low-level guy named George Papadopoulos who boasted in a drunken stupor to an Australian official. Somebody in Russia told somebody about Downer. Someone told Strzok about the alcohol-fueled conversation in a bar between George the dupe and Downer. On that flimsy nonsense, the FBI and CIA went to London on their secret mission.

Days [actually months] after they exonerated Hillary for committing crimes [the NY Times ignores Hillary’s crimes – the hammering, Bleach Bit Hillary], Peter Strzok , who adored criminal Hillary, feared if they were too hard on Trump it would affect the election.

Of course, they believed Hillary was going to win the election so they of course didn’t want to interfere .

The NY Times article then condemned Republicans like Devin Nunes because they don’t like them.

Days after exonerating Hillary, they went after Trump! I can’t say that enough.

The entire piece excuses Hillary, Strzok, and all things Democrat, but those rotten Republicans!!! Even while admitting all this garbage did happen, they are freeing the left of guilt and condemning the right.

The FBI by mid-August, including CIA perjurer, communist-loving John Brennan, decided the Russians were trying to corrupt our election.

Never mind that Obama said no intelligent person would believe this.

The great Obama periodically condemns Trump, but he probably just wants to be left alone with his millions and his bong. He is their god and Hillary was their god. Along comes this trash-talking, bona fide American who doesn’t drink fine wines — they had to get rid of him. He actually believes in God, loves the military, Mom, apple pie, the Constitution, and the USA. What the hay?

The Times says they feared Trump would damage the country and, what about his intelligence, huh? That justified all they did on the premise he would ruin the country, according to the Times.

The Times paints the DoJ/FBI as great. They allegedly took such caution – Sally Yates too, she’s just so honorable.

The evidence is incontrovertible but the NY Times is exonerating the left anyway.

Who the hay needs a Constitution anyway? They knew who the best candidate was!

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
5 years ago

Nobody has help Russia, Putin and their primary goal of causing chaos in our election process than Democrats and the mainstream media.
Just as they are openly rooting for Hamas and north Korea, they’ve been handing Putin a gift every day since the 2016 primaries.
This NYT article was released for one purpose only. The IG report is looming large and the NYT, MSM, will be doing their best to CYA themselves. It is not going to work.
Expect some rather odd and confusing articles and reports to be released from the MSM over the next several days. The IG report is going to be devastating to them.

5 years ago

Another case of Mueller and team trying to recover from losing the narrative. This looks like the previous case when Mueller indicted the Russians, and now even that is falling apart with bringing in social media data, “in RUSSIAN”, as evidence. I’m sure posts in Russian had a profound affect. This appears to be a repeat of the same.

Jai Hari
Jai Hari
5 years ago