NY Times on Democrat Party’s Aggressive Push to the Socialist-Left


The New York Times on Saturday delved into the movement by the youth in the Democrat Party to the hard left in an article in ‘Politics’, titled, There Is a Revolution on the Left. Democrats Are Bracing.

They begin by quoting one 27-year old woman who voiced support for the hard-left Muslim Abdul el-Sayed. He’s running for governor in Michigan on Single-Payer, Communist healthcare.

“They need to wake up and pay attention to what people actually want,” the woman said of Democratic leaders. “There are so many progressive policies that have widespread support that mainstream Democrats are not picking up on, or putting that stuff down and saying, ‘That wouldn’t really work.’”

The Times author, Alexander Burns said the Democrat Party is bracing for the Socialists [and Communists] coming up. They “may not represent a controlling faction in the Democratic Party, at least not yet, but they are increasingly rattling primary elections around the country.” He added that they will “grow as a disruptive force in national elections as younger voters reject the traditional boundary lines of Democratic politics.”

The young voters, he says, are “a ferocious — and ferociously liberal — opposition force”.

We really need to stop calling Socialists and Communists ‘liberals’. There is nothing liberal about statists.


Hard-left organizations, Communist groups, are backing 53 races.

The startling news: “Fifty-three of the 305 candidates have been endorsed by the Justice Democrats, the Working Families Party, the Progressive Change Campaign and Our Revolution, organizations that have helped propel challenges to Democratic incumbents.”

The hard-left candidates are in races throughout the country, even in the red states of Missouri and Kansas. They are also after the purple state of Florida.

The Progressives [Communists and Socialists] have upended a number of primary races, defeating incumbents. In upcoming races, there are insurgents contesting primaries for governor in Florida and New York, for Senate in Delaware and for a smattering of House seats in states including Kansas, Massachusetts and Missouri.The conclusion the author comes to is the party’s new generation will push the party to the left of Barack Obama.

The pressure from the riotous left is intense.

“The pressure from a new generation of confrontational progressives has put Democrats at the precipice of a sweeping transition, away from not only the centrist ethos of the Bill Clinton years but also, perhaps, from the consensus-oriented liberalism of Barack Obama. [liberal, really?]

The Times doesn’t mention it, but the radical Democratic Socialist [Communist] Bernie Sanders is behind it and is currently campaigning for several candidates with know-nothing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to turn Kansas and Missouri hard-left.


  1. “The conclusion the author comes to is the party’s new generation will push the party to the left of Barack Obama”

    The left side of Obama? Wow, that’s not just an insane or crazy place, that’s hell.

  2. It seems Joe McCarthy maybe had a point, eh? Communist subversion is alive and malignant and insidious — and eroding this republic.

  3. The slimy democratic party, made up of socialists and communists, the lying, hate-filled left-wing fake news media, and crybaby progressive liberals are a bigger threat to the freedoms of this country and to the Constitution than Russia, China, or N. Korea will ever be. Time to fight back.

  4. The democratic partly is now represented by a 28 year old know nothing who lied about her “Bronx” upbringing and an old 1960’s pot smoking socialists hippie throwback. What a combo. Keep it up dems and your party will soon just be a bad memory in U.S. history.

    • “Keep it up dems and your party will soon just be a bad memory in U.S. history.”

      Well, we hope so. The other way it could turn out is our freedom is just a memory.

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