NY Times Publishes a False Story About Trump & the Harriet Tubman $20 Bill


On Saturday, Trump took to his Twitter account to say that the media is “totally out of control” and to suggest they “don’t even care anymore.”

It is true that they don’t care about the truth or what people think of them.

Just Friday, the New York Times ran a completely false story claiming an anonymous government official confirmed to them that the administration delayed the release of the Harriett Tubman twenty dollar bill for political reasons.

That is absurd but their readers will believe it. The President would never dishonor Harriet Tubman.

Monica Crowley, Senior Advisor for Public Affairs to the Secretary of the Treasury, published a public response to the story explaining that the story was “completely erroneous.”

The NY Times, the Great Lady, the paper of record, didn’t even bother to call the White House and hear their side of things.

Check out the full statement responding to the “misleading” New York Times story below:

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