Bombshell…NY Times Russia Story Is Total “BS”, Leak Narrowed Down


Andrew McCabe

The New York Times story was bogus and possibly a set up.  Unless someone listened in on an illegally wiretapped phone call, only a few people were involved in this conversation.

Donald Trump blasted the FBI for leaks this morning and the White House is defending Reince Preibus over the New York Times report that he asked the FBI to dispute Russia stories.

The NY Times story was disproven by the FBI.

John Roberts reported the facts as they are known on Fox News’s Outnumbered this afternoon.

The way the story came out from the media was: Reince Priebus contacted the FBI to pressure them to kill this story that the FBI had transcripts of contacts between campaign officials and people connected to Russian officials.

The White House has a different story. They said that at an intelligence meeting at 7:30 in the morning, the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, went up to Chief of Staff Reince Preibus and said, can I have five minutes of your time, during which he told Priebus this “whole NY Times story was BS”, and that’s a direct quote.

Priebus’s reaction was, can we do anything to correct the record. McCabe said, let me take it back to the office and think about it. Priebus called him back a couple hours later and McCabe apparently told him the FBI doesn’t get into commenting on stories so they’re not going to do anything about it.

David Nunes came out after a briefing and said he didn’t have anything to suggest that the NY Times report was true. James Comey, the FBI Director, said later on in the afternoon, no we can’t comment.

In the call to Comey, Preibus said, well do you mind if I do, and Comey said, yeah. So Priebus went out on Fox & Friends Friday morning and said he was told by the people at the highest levels of intelligence that this story is overblown, et centera, et cetera.

The press is having a field day with this, saying he shouldn’t have been talking to the FBI and again renewed their calls for Jeff Sessions, the DOJ chief, to recuse himself from any involvement with this investigation about Russia.

The President sounded off this morning on Twitter, ripping the FBI for doing nothing about the leaks.

The facts are that the FBI reached out to Priebus and the numbers of people involved is very small.

What was McCabe’s motivation in reaching out to Priebus, and who in this chain leaked it?

Three people were involved originally.

The media has the truth but they are still reporting the Priebus reached out to the FBI. That is a lie which is why people see the fake news as “an enemy of the American people”.

McCabe has been criticized in the past because his wife ran for a seat in the US Congress as a Democrat with a million dollars in funds that came solely from friends of Hillary Clinton. She received extremely large donations from Gov. McAuliffe in particular. However, many, including Jim Comey, have stood by McCabe saying he is a staunchly ethical and non-political deputy.

Jonathan Gilliam filled in for Sean Hannity on Friday and interviewed General Thomas McInerney about the politicization of the intelligence agencies.

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