NY Times Suggests Dems Are Scared And Moving Further Left


Contributor James Soviero

The New York Times echoed the sentiments of Democrat Party elders in an article titled, As Trump Consolidates Power, Democrats Confront a Rebellion in Their Ranks. The establishment are experiencing fear and confusion over the “activist rebellion” from the left within their ranks.

The ideology doesn’t bother them, only the possibility that they will lose elections.

That is what happens if you invite Communists and Socialists into the party. The Times takes sides in the article against the right as usual, but they and their fellow Democrats are concerned about the upstarts calling for single-payer health care, free college tuition and the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

They worry about the movement shattering “the already fragile architecture of the Democratic Party.”

Dick Durbin said the Republicans movement right has changed the dynamics in their party.


The party is worried after the loss of Rep. Joe Crowley to a 28-year old Socialist. Also of concern is not being able to pass an immigration bill; SCOTUS rulings that weaken unions and their abortion campaign; and the travel ban going Trump’s way.

To top it all off, Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring and the President can appoint a new Justice. Democrat elders know they can’t stop the appointment, but the more than 600 demonstrators arrested today outside the Senate building are demanding they stop it anyway.

The fury coming from the hard-left will hurt them at the polls if “they cannot harness the fury,” The Times writes, quoting Democrat politicians.

The Times rightfully notes that there is a growing demand from the hard-left to lure the Democrats away from corporate America — they are Socialists and Communists after all.

The Democrat elders worry about unrealistic expectations from the newcomers. They’re not worried about the ideology of the hard-left, just not being able to get it done and losing elections. The Times writes:

What worries some Democratic elders, though, is that activists will harbor unrealistic expectations of what sort of policies newly elected progressive lawmakers can push through in a still-divided capital.

At least one Democrat representative from Louisiana said he wished there was a more moderate influence to counter Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are “scared”, he said.

The loss of power in the unions weakens them greatly. It’s a big slush fund for them.


Democrats aren’t trying to disavow the hard-left. Instead, they are becoming the hard-left. The Times story ends this way:

One of those challengers, Ayanna Pressley, a member of the Boston City Council who is aiming to oust Representative Michael E. Capuano, a long-serving liberal, said the party’s base had been in a fighting mood for months. But the combination of Mr. Trump’s provocations, the Supreme Court’s lurch and the insurrection in Queens has rocked liberals to the core, she said.

“The party and our democracy are at a crossroads,” Ms. Pressley said, adding matter-of-factly, “These times require disruption.”

At least one veteran Democrat has gotten the message: Mr. Capuano. Last week, in the aftermath of Mr. Crowley’s loss, the Massachusetts lawmaker began circulating a memo highlighting his differences with his soon-to-be-former colleague. “Capuano Is a Strong, Proud Progressive,” the memo reads. “Crowley Is a Moderate.”

Democrat races will be a contest to determine who is furthest left.

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Richard Maxson
Richard Maxson
5 years ago

Don’t forget to lock and load those MAGAzines.

herbert richmond
herbert richmond
5 years ago

Full blown Marxism is about to take over the Democratic Party, as it always happens with socialism.