NY Times thief-witness does heroin, dallied with North Korean hackers


The son of a now-deceased Deutsche Bank executive has helped the FBI with probes related to the bank, The New York Times reported Tuesday. They combed through the myriad documents he has accumulated from his late father but found nothing on Trump, but RUSSIA was mentioned and there were insinuations about Trump’s ties to corruption and Russia.

This is a hit piece without any meat to the story, just a troubled ‘whistleblower.’

Democrats and their government officials have the darnedest witnesses, porn stars, prostitutes, thieves, liars, spies, and now a seriously damaged son of a Deutsche Bank executive who killed himself.


According to The Hill blog, Democrats have a new stellar witness to potential alleged shenanigans by President Trump in his dealings with Deutsche Bank. They claim the witness has a complicated history as do all whistleblowers [they do?]. The witness, whistleblower, whatever, does have a complicated history:

Mr. Broeksmit couldn’t believe he was voluntarily meeting with the F.B.I. An unemployed rock musician with a history of opioid abuse and credit card theft, not to mention a dalliance with North Korea-linked hackers, he was accustomed to shunning if not fearing law enforcement. But two investigators had flown from the bureau’s New York office specifically to speak with him, and Mr. Broeksmit had found their invitation too seductive to resist. Now the agents arrived in the lobby and escorted him upstairs.

The New York Times mentioned the truly compromised whistleblowers like Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden [many think he’s a traitor], Chelsea Manning [not a whistleblower — a traitor), and failed to mention the many whistleblowers without shady pasts. They don’t ALL have complicated histories. Actually, all people have complications in their histories.

The Times added We might wish our whistle-blowers were stoic, unimpeachable do-gooders. In reality, to let you in on a journalistic secret, they’re often more like Val Broeksmit.

What are they not telling us about this gentleman? The man deserves some sympathy since his father killed himself, and he feels a lot of guilt as do all people faced with such a tragedy. But the story was a lot of hype and no substance.


Deep into the article, the author writes, They met two days later in the U.S. Virgin Islands [the author and Mr. Broeksmit] and began combing for material on Mr. Trump, Russia, and Robert Mercer, a top Trump donor. They didn’t discover bombshells — more like nuggets. One spreadsheet, for example, contained a list of all of the banks that owed money to one of Deutsche Bank’s American subsidiaries on a certain date — a list that included multiple Russian banks that would soon be under United States sanctions.

So? That’s not news about Russia using Deutsche Bank!

The author did add this about his new ‘reliable’ whistleblower: Mr. Broeksmit shared some of his files with a Senate investigator and — after snorting some heroin — a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office.


The New York Times is now officially the top fake news reporter, exceeding even CNN in nonsensical reporting on non-stories.

Val Broeksmit, the son of senior executive Bill Broeksmit, reportedly had a trove of bank documents and spoke to the FBI following his father’s suicide.

Deutsche Bank is facing scrutiny over its dealings with President Trump and his family [but has found nothing yet, insofar as we know]. The House Intelligence and Financial Services committees have subpoenaed Deutsche Bank records relating to Trump.

Okay, we’ll wait for the arrest. It’s good they got the witness’s background out there so they can now make him sound perfectly legitimate.

This next bit of information isn’t even worth reporting except that he wants to be paid. Here’s what The Hill said on the blog:

“I am more emotionally invested in this than anyone in the world,” Broeksmit told the Times of his work with the FBI. “I would love to be their special informer.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) also subpoenaed Broeksmit after trying to persuade him to work with the committee, the Times reported. Broeksmit reportedly asked to be a paid consultant, which the paper described as a non-starter.

In other words, he wants money, guys. He moved to LA to try to sell his story.

Of course, RUSSIA is involved. It’s RUSSIA! And Adam Schiff smells blood. He wants the records. He’s on a desperate witch hunt.

This entire story is a sorry joke.

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