NY Times’ Trump Bashing Reporter Boasted of Making Up the News



It’s easy to understand why the New York Times selected Michael Barbaro to be one of the writers to decimate Donald Trump because of his alleged treatment of women. Mr. Barbaro invents the news according to Mr. Barbaro.

This is what we have reporting the “news” in our “free” press.

One of the authors of the New York Times faked hit piece against Donald Trump was Michael Barbaro. It seems that Mr. Barbaro has a history of inventing news and bragged about it a little more than a decade ago when he was 25 years old. This was uncovered by Chuck C. Johnson at GotNews and you can click the link to read the entire story.

In a 2005 lecture on journalism to Yale University students, he explained how he manipulates truth through confirmation bias, which is the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories. It’s a way of making up the news playing off peoples’ biases.

In the video below uncovered by GotNews, Barbaro admits to making up news.

This isn’t new. Reporters are often despised because people know they are trying to get them to say something they can quote at all costs.

If you listen to the entire video, you will understand where he is coming from and how he views reporting. Barbaro is still defending his article bashing Trump but it has been pretty thoroughly debunked.

Go to 20:56 on the video below for the section that especially applies to Trump and listen to him talk about “making news” and getting people to “commit news”.

He tells the future reporters to keep asking the question they want answered – press them – until you get the interviewee to give an answer that can be used. He encourages interpretation based on something as subjective as nuance. If the person refuses to answer, that can be used against the interviewee.

Then he talks about intimidating people into answering.

What happened to just reporting?



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