NY Times’ Unbelievable Headline Describing Louvre Terror Attack


The New York Times is unbelievable. They posted an article about the Louvre terrorist attack suggesting the problem was the French soldier. From this headline, one would think that the soldier shot up the place for no reason.

Now the new and improved version reads [without the assailant’s name]:

The New York Times is a joke. They’re not alone. Sky News, CNN and others are simply describing him as an assailant. The media does the same thing when illegal aliens commit crimes. The public is never told the truth.

This is what actually happened according to the telegraph.

There is an update. The terrorist was carrying paint bombs to destroy the West’s most famous art collection.

Terror attack at the Louvre museum in Paris. Attacker lies wounded surrounded by the soldiers he attacked.

An Egyptian on a visitors’ visa from Dubai attacked soldiers inside the Louvre Friday, shouting “Allahu Akbar” as wildly wielded a machete, according to the telegraph. He arrived in Paris from Dubai on January 26th.

The Louvre is the world’s most famous museum.

The soldiers shot and critically injured the man. One soldier was slightly wounded.

The attacker was a 29-year-old with Egyptian identity papers. He was reportedly identified on Friday night as Abdullah Reda Refaei al-Hamamy.

President Hollande said the attack was “clearly an act of terrorism,.”

The man walked up to four soldiers with two backpacks and was told he could not bring the bags into the mall. Al-Hamamy then pulled the machete out of his bag and attacked. The soldiers tried to beat him off but eventually had to fire.

There were 1200 people inside the museum at the time, including about 60 British college students.

Paris just completed their bid for the 2024 Olympics. Not the best timing for them.

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