NY Times Walk-out Over Firing Half The Editors Who Are Like “Dogs Urinating on Fire Hydrants”


The New York Times editorial staff staged a 20-minute walk-out today to protest cuts to the editorial staff from 100 to 50. Reporters walked out in sympathy.

Why would the NY Times need copy editors when they don’t care about accuracy?

Bloomberg reported that Times reporters and editors sent two letters to management decrying the cuts to no avail. Thus the mini-walk-out.

Reporters believe the cuts will harm them. “Editors — and yes, that especially means copy editors — save reporters and the Times every day from countless errors, large and small,” the reporters said in their letter.

The Times has little regard for their own copy editors and isn’t handling the layoffs well.

For one thing, all copy editors will have to reapply for their roles in the newsroom. Certainly, they know the qualifications of their copy editors. The nasty NY Times letter stated, they are “requiring them to sing for their supper.”

Then for another, they sent around an internal memo comparing copy editors to dogs urinating on fire hydrants.

They’re so rotten to their employees.

Times staffers say “morale is low throughout the newsroom, and. . .many of us, from editors to reporters to photo editors to support staff, are angry, embittered and scared of losing our jobs.”

They need to walk out for longer than 20 minutes if they want to make an impact. The suits they’re dealing with are brutal.

If they’re not the failing NY Times as Trump says, maybe they should be.

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