NY Times Wants Big Brother to See Your Credit Card Purchases


The New York Times wants Big Brother to see your credit card purchases and monitor them because they loosely linked credit cards to gun purchases made by mass shooters.

The NYT published a piece on Monday, authored by Andrew Ross Sorkin. In it, he noted that some mass shooters purchased their weapons and ammo using credit cards. [And some number didn’t]

Banks are required to alert federal authorities to purchases exceeding $10,000, but rules prevent them from seeing what goods users are purchasing.

NYT’s Sorkin wants banks to track purchases at sporting goods stores and gun shops and prevent cardholders from purchasing multiple firearms “in a short period of time” and report unusual spending patterns.

The mass shooters with cash will require a different form of Big Brother supervision. We aren’t sure what they will recommend for them.

Some people are thrilled with this idea of Big Brother infringement on our privacy and 2nd Amendment rights, but others were less so. 


The Twitter user who sent the next nonsensical thought out is really reaching. But the first person to respond hit the nail on the head when he noted the role credit cards play in EVERYTHING! The point another made was that Sorkin works for the pedophilia network.

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