NY Times Warns of Hard-Left Threat to Democrat Party or Is It Something Else?


It would be difficult to get further left than the NY Times, but the Resistance, the Indivisibles, Antifa, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, the Revolutionary Communist Party, might be a bridge too far for even the NY Times, or they might have another issue.

In an article published on October 7th and in a revised version on October 8th titled, The ‘Resistance,’ Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics, The NY Times warned the Democrat Party might be going to far to the left.

They wrote: The tug of war…foreshadows a once-in-a-generation reorganization of the American left that could dictate the tactics and ideology of the Democratic Party for years to come. If the newcomers prevail, they could pull the party further to the left, leading it to embrace policy positions like those advocated by Mr. Sanders, including single-payer health care and free tuition at public colleges.

Hillary has already supported nearly identical policies so their sudden concern seems disingenuous.

The newspaper is incredibly dishonest. They began the article: It started as a scrappy grass-roots protest movement against President Trump, but now the so-called resistance is attracting six- and seven-figure checks from major liberal donors, posing an insurgent challenge to some of the left’s most venerable institutions — and the Democratic Party itself.

There was nothing grass-roots about the Resistance. It is tied to Organizing for America and received funding from very far-left actors. They are also tied to Antifa and other hard-left groups.

Are they worried about the party moving too far left or are they concerned they are leaving the establishment which has a similar but more incremental plan for the United States. They don’t want it to blow up because some of these groups want to jump right to violence. Maybe what they are saying is, ‘hold your fire’.

The author Kenneth Vogel wrote: Mr. [Quentin] James’s [co-founder of the black power organization, Collective PAC] committee is among more than three dozen outfits that have started or reconfigured themselves since the election to try to harness the surge in anti-Trump activism. In addition to political committees, grass-roots mobilization nonprofits and legal watchdog groups, there are for-profit companies providing technological help to the new groups — essentially forming a new liberal ecosystem outside the confines of the Democratic Party.

They are in fact hard-left radicals.

Describing The Democracy Alliance as a club of wealthy liberals, the author opines that the Soros-funded powerhouse “helped shape the institutional left”. As radical as this organization is, along with Media Matters and The Center for American Progress, they portray them as the icons of the Progressive Democratic Party they have embraced.

Their concern seems to be they’re reaching out to the more violent groups not under their control as opposed to the far-left values they espouse, but read the articles and see what you think.

The Democracy Alliance has hired some Obama staffers and they are far-left. Sarah Dohl, an official with The Democracy Alliance, was quoted by the newspaper, saying: “It’s not a secret that we would like to move the Democratic Party further left,” she said, adding that “the party will only get to where it needs to go if it has groups like ours pushing them to do the right thing.” She cited her group’s aggressive opposition to Republicans’ initial efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act at a time when she said Democratic congressional leaders “didn’t really have a strategy.”

She claims she wants to keep their group separate from the funders, but the organization is tied to George Soros and he is as far-left as one can get.

The plan is to push more aggressively, violently, whatever which way they can. The NY Times, which often speaks for the Democrat Party, might just want them under their control.

Our late-night comedians are screeching politicians who are hard-left; the leftist minions are trying to destroy our history; and Communist, fake-Socialist, Bernie Sanders might run again, simply to move the Democrat Party further left.

The media seems to be in charge of the Democrat Party so keep a watchful eye on them. One thing is for certain, the Grey Lady is the Red Lady. Don’t count on them to be concerned about the Party moving too far left.


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