NYC Dems Rail Against Bussing Under-Performing Blacks to Their Schools


A video exposing the meaning of diversity in education for wealthy whites has gone viral. In a move that requires massive redistribution, large numbers of underperforming black students will be moved into wealthy white neighborhoods. Some of the Hillary-voting population are infuriated about this diversity by fiat.

It will mean a large influx of black students into their Upper West Side neighborhood schools who do poorly in school.

Schools are being moved and in other cases, students will be bussed to make it all happen. It doesn’t appear to be about the fact they are black but this is the social engineering they voted for.

Redistributing under-performing students based on race

Local news station Spectrum News NY 1 posted a video that shows white parents furiously attacking a plan to require all local middle schools to reserve 25 percent of their seats for students who score below grade level on state English and Math exams. They didn’t mention behavior problems but there has to be some.

This idea is a takeoff on Barack Obama’s Furthering Fair Housing Act which calls for a redistribution of all wealth and benefits from rich to poor.

There’s a new far-left chancellor in town

The new New York City schools chief Richard Carranza has signaled that he believes the education department has a central role to play in desegregating schools — offering a contrast to the chancellor he replaced, Carmen Fariña. She called school diversity a priority but argued that integration efforts should happen “organically” and be driven by school leaders and local communities, not department officials.

Carranza is a social engineer and he got a little nasty.

The change will mean blacks will occupy 25% of the seats in the previously lily-white schools. Blacks make up about 12% of the national population as a whole. But in New York City, the black population stands at 25%. Hispanics make up another 27%.

The students will draw a lot of resources because they are performing poorly according to the administration.

One obvious problem with the plan is teachers have to teach to the weakest students in the class, although most aim for the middle. As a result, the rest will get a lot less attention. The numbers they are talking about are very high and might impact the quality of the education. If that happens, you will see whites enroll their children in private schools and nothing will have changed. That also doesn’t address the social problems.

The Upper West Side went to Hillary Clinton by 89%. While it is possible the parents protesting are the parents who didn’t vote for her, the community overwhelmingly voted for social engineering and they either live it or vote it out.

Raw Story Quotes From the Video:

It doesn’t appear that the problem is that the children are black. It’s the fact that they are very weak students.

“You’re talking about an 11-year-old, you worked your butt off, and you didn’t get that, what you needed or wanted,” one angry woman said during the meeting. “You’re telling them that you’re not going to go to a school that’s going to educate them the same way you’ve been educated. Life sucks!”

Kristen Burger, an elected member of the Upper West Side Parent Council, tells NY 1 that the plan is intended to address diversity problems in the area’s middle schools, which she describes as “very segregated.”

And NY-1’s video shows middle school principal Henry Zymeck telling many of the parents that he feels hurt by some of their comments.


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