NYC-Improve Revenue & Safety-Treat Bike Riders Like Motorists


New York’s own, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio, have been plotting ways to raise money for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.  After years of unsustainable, unchecked spending the MTA is, in every way, awful shape.  Its infrastructure and finances are in the toilet, and service is poor.  

The two Democrat leaders, who’ve been more often than not antagonists, found common cause in a gambit designed to tax drivers bold enough to take their vehicles into Manhattan.  Andy and Billy euphemistically call this fleecing of motorists, Congestion Pricing.  The idea is to have electronic license plate readers record cars or trucks going below a certain street in the Big Apple, then sending registered owners a bill.  

And while no one is 100% sure which street will mark the starting point, who might be exempted, or even how much drivers will pay, Cuomo and DeBlasio are pretty giddy about enacting their scheme.   In effect these two pols are mostly shafting working class people to fund transportation options these same taxpayers aren’t really using.

But if that’s the plan, why not expand the revenue grab to others who happen to be using a different set of wheels to negotiate the highways and byways of Manhattan?  Why not bring folks riding bikes into the MTA mess?  

Think of the pot of dough available to big spending pols if bike riders were treated, in every way, like the folks with whom they share the roads.  First, they’d have to pay fees to register their bicycles and get “plates”.  Next, inspections would seem a must.  Finally, equally, apply the same standard traffic code enforcement to both two-wheeled lawbreakers and lousy drivers alike.  Given the habitually unsafe habits of legions of New York City cyclists, this last policy could turn out to be a mother lode too rich for greedy politicians to resist.

A long overdue crackdown might prevent serious injuries or even deaths.  Sadly, any action now comes too late for 67-year-old Donna Sturm.  On April 24th she suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a bicyclist while crossing 57th Street.  She died earlier this week.

Her family issued a statement Sunday, saying, “Donna Sturm was a vibrant, energetic and wonderful woman who died as a result of carelessness and negligence.”

“She died because a bicyclist completely disregarded the law. She was crossing a street, in the crosswalk, with the light in her favor when she was struck. The statement continued. “Ted Panken lost his wife and his daughter lost a devoted, loving mother. Donna Sturm’s entire family is, simply put, devastated. They will never recover from this loss.”

Police said 40-year-old Damian Deward ran a red light and plowed in Ms. Strum. “Deward stayed on the scene and received a summons.”  A summons!  

Yup.  Let’s toss reckless bike riders into a politically motivated cash grab, aimed at funding the bottomless MTA money pit.  


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Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark
4 years ago

As someone who commutes to NYC every day for work, I can attest to the angry recklessness of many bicycle riders, many of whom seem to be in a contest to slam into as many pedestrians as possible.

Meanwhile the People’s Mayor, Bolshevik Bill DeBlasio, rides around in a Cadillac SUV surrounded by cop cars… as he is CHAUFFEURED EVERY DAY from NYC to his favorite gym in Brooklyn. I’m sure that he is happy to see the poor working class slobs dodging not only his elitist caravan as it blows through traffic light after traffic light, but also gets to watch the Antifa-type psychos riding their bikes into them…

…all while he enjoys smoking a few blunts and hallucinates about being getting to do the same in the White House.

William August
William August
4 years ago

Take a good look at San Francisco, because NY City is rapidly headed towards the same disgusting condition… piles of human feces in the streets so that the stench will cause you to gag. Homelessness in epic proportions, population of decent people is dwindling… substandard living conditions for almost everyone, sanctuary city woes all over, criminals not being kept behind bars, free speech suppressed for conservatives, crime rising and uncontrolled. Is this our legacy to our children and grandchildren? It used to be that a bicycle rider was someone improving their health, helping the environment, a harmless individual. No more… in DeBlasio’s city, they have been out of control, breaking the law consistently, a hazard to pedestrians… I say that to reign them in however it can be done is a good idea…..

4 years ago

Tax, tax, tax us to death and pretty soon, there won’t be anything left for us to spend……….