NYC Marxist Heads for Phoenix to Start Up A Municipal ID Program for Illegal Aliens



Leftist organizations use the communist fist like the one above to represent their immigration demands.

At the expense of New York City taxpayers, Melissa Mark-Viverito, speaker of the New York City Council, will head off to Arizona to advise left-wing groups on how to start up a municipal ID card program like the one she spearheaded in New York City.


The leftist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio and Melissa Mark-Viverito have been encouraging the flood of illegal immigrants into the city and wherever possible, they have been blurring the lines between legal and illegal immigration.

Both were behind the municipal ID program.

Mark-Viverito has supported terrorists, protested with the communists in Occupy Wall Street and has been an SEIU rabble rouser.

She makes her own laws and is moving ahead with amnesty in violation of the Constitution and a court order from Texas.

“I don’t believe you should be criminalizing anybody who has an intention to come here because they want to provide for their families and don’t see any other means to do it,” she told the AP in an interview two weeks ago.

She was invited to Phoenix by a group calling itself the One Phoenix ID coalition which the AP describes as being comprised of business and civic organizations who want to create just such a program.

What the AP fails to mention is the radical nature of at least some of these groups.

Their website lists their members. One of the members is Mi Familia Vota which was established by the SEIU. It’s run by progressive labor leaders. They work to naturalize new citizens, register new voters, use the U.S. Census as a redistributive mechanism.

Another member is the Arcoíris Liberation Team which works towards the collective liberation of Arizona queer and trans migrant communities.

Living United for Change in Arizona* (LUCHA) is a front group for ACORN, a radical leftist group.

There are several unions including the leftist SEIU.

Johanna Miller, advocacy director for the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), a far-left organization, said the municipal ID program is a “valuable tool” for New Yorkers to accomplish basic tasks such as opening a bank account, gaining access to their child’s school or daycare, protecting the transgender population and recognizing the “participation and contribution” of immigrants and marginalized communities.

Mark-Viverito will meet with Phoenix government officials in addition to the group.

One Phoenix ID’s Facebook page states that the ID card would be used as “A multifunctional ID card which will incorporate access to bus and light rail, libraries, community centers, and provide discounts at local shops.

The discounts must be rewards for coming here illegally.

The card is available in 25 languages in New York City.

This is more than a push for cards to help illegal aliens feel safe, it is as it was in New York, another step in erasing all limitations on illegal immigration.

New York City is currently on a path to allow foreigners residing in the city for six months to vote in municipal elections. The city has been overrun by illegals who will then vote for leftist officials in perpetuity. It will be a one-party leftist city indefinitely, if it isn’t already.

New York City determines the presidential election for the entire state because of their sheer numbers.

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