NYC Mayor de Blasio will start bribing criminals to show up for court dates


It looks like Mayor Bill de Blasio will follow through on bribing criminals to show up for their court dates with gift cards, movie tickets, subway passes, and Mets baseball tickets. He describes it as “smart policy.” The bribes are instead of them having to pay bail to get out of jail while they await their court dates.

In addition to early jail releases and eliminating cash bail for hundreds of criminal charges, the city will begin bestowing gifts on some offenders as part of a rewards program, WCBS reported.

Beginning in December, about 900 inmates will be released — to start — as part of their criminal justice reform. Their reform doesn’t require criminals reform; only those who imprison them have to reform the way they handle offenders.


Offenders will be released without cash bail for most misdemeanor charges and multiple felonies, including criminally negligent homicide, drug sales, aggravated assault on a child, and burglary, the New York Post reported.

Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon said the program is part of a “deranged mandate,” the New York Post reported.

“We are reaching the point of the absurd when those who are accused of serious offenses are free to roam the streets or even rewarded with gifts while the rights of victims continue to be ignored,” McMahon railed.

He’s wrong, we are waaaay past absurd. What is going on is very dangerous. Rewarding criminals for doing what the law requires is really criminal in itself.

Staten Island is again talking about seceding from New York City. The City would never let them go since they support a lot of the good-for-nothings.

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