NYC Prosecutor’s Fish for a Crime Over Trump’s Inaugural Spending


A possible fishing expedition in Manhattan has begun. The Federal prosecutors are probing how the President’s committee spent the $107 million it raised in donations. It’s very suspicious.

Hillary Clinton has a bona fide pay-to-play operation, but prosecutors can’t find a thing wrong. On the other hand, in Manhattan, they are doing their best to find something wrong with the way President Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee spent their money.

Perhaps the Texas prosecutors should probe how Fake Hispanic Beto spent just under $80 million on his own. We know he used some of the funds to bring illegal aliens into the country.

Manhattan prosecutors are in the early stages of examining whether top donors gave money in exchange for favors by the incoming administration.

Looking for crimes and then matching it to the person is what they do in Banana Republics. Hopefully, that isn’t what they are doing here. Are they looking for a way to torment any big donors helping the opposition? The losers in Manhattan might want to find crimes and imprison people for political purposes.

Everyone in the President’s orbit is endangered. Who in the world would vote for a Republican after this? That could be the ultimate goal — to destroy the opposition. It’s not only about Trump. It’s about all who support Republicans.

The investigation represents another potential legal threat to people who are or were in Mr. Trump’s orbit. Their business dealings and activities during and since the campaign have led to some indictments and guilty pleas, according to a report by the WSJ. Many of the president’s biggest campaign backers were involved in the inaugural fund.

More information is available at the Wall Street Journal.


In the case of the campaign finance violation that New York is attempting to make, it was revealed Thursday that the President was in a meeting with Michael Cohen and AMI when they discussed quashing the story by extortionist Karen McDougal.

The goal is to slap a felony on the President.

During the Michael Cohen sentencing, the parent company of the National Enquirer — AMI — went into a non-prosecution deal with the prosecutors. Although they didn’t commit a crime, they copped to arranging the payment to the extortionist McDougal to keep the story about her alleged affair with the President years before out of the media during the campaign.

The prosecution hopes to pin a violation on the President for not reporting it.

Just so people know, it’s a very unimportant accusation.


Michael Cohen said the President directed and coordinated his illegal payoffs.

During an interview with Harris Faulkner on Fox News Thursday, the President said he never directed Cohen to commit a crime. He repeated that in a series of tweets earlier in the day.


The attorney general in New York has admitted she’s going on a fishing expedition.

NY AG Will Hunt for a Crime to Prosecute Trump, His Family, & Others

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