NYC Violent Crime Surges As Officials Look to Bail Out Criminals With Tax Dollars


h/t Rosalie Hanson

Leftist City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (photo below) announced in April that she wants to bail out low-level criminals accused of misdemeanors and she wants to do it with taxpayer money! After all, you’d save all that money feeding and housing them, she opines.


Why don’t we just release the criminals and not have bail at all or better yet, don’t arrest them.

She didn’t get a good response but it’s back just the same.

The City Council leaders (I use that term loosely) want to create a $1.4 million city-financed bail fund to help out the poorer criminals.

At least one of the city’s top prosecutors noticed it might be harder to get them to show up for trial. Ya think?


This is a crisis, proponents say because a young small-time criminal committed suicide at Rikers last week after he was assaulted repeatedly. He originally stole a backpack at age 16. That’s a terrible story but how does that translate into bailing out all low-level criminals? This was a harsh punishment if it’s true that he only stole a backpack but the problem isn’t bail so much as supervision in the prisons.

Why have bail at all if taxpayers are going to bail them out? I don’t understand.

There already is a nonprofit Bronx Freedom Fund, a bail program after which the council plan is modeled, so why does NYC need another paid for by taxpayers?

The jails are overcrowded and the real purpose is to empty them out. Perhaps they should consider ending the sanctuary city/state model because many of those prisoners are illegal aliens. They were at about 25% three years ago.

Officials would be better off if they spent their time worrying about the soaring sex crimes in New York City instead of worrying about criminals and their well-being. Murders are up 20% and violent crime is surging. Overall crime has dropped but that is partly because the police are not arresting the petty criminals to the same degree that they were.

What are the city council members worried about as the crime rate soars? They’re worried about getting criminals out of jail at taxpayer expense.



  • The Liberals and the Communists love the criminals and they hate the taxpayers. Their goal is give low-lives more of what the working class has earned. Unbelievable.