NYC’s Bill de Blasio Tours the USA with a 13-Point Communist Agenda


communist Bill de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm

The Democratic Party has been consumed by the “new” Progressive Party and the type of people they are putting up for the presidency is a proof positive – de Blasio, Clinton, Warren, Sanders – all leftists.

Republicans had a Contract with America in the 1990’s that included things like term limits, a balanced budget, welfare reform, family tax cuts, stronger national defense, and so on. You know – normal American goals. Along comes New York communist mayor Bill de Blasio and what do you know, he has a Contract with America too.

His is decidedly different. He refers to it as a Contract with America but calls his, The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality.

In New York, de Blasio is doing everything he can to steal from the rich to prop up new welfare programs, many supporting the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into New York City.

De Blasio and his comrades like to call the movement,the “new” Progressive movement, but there’s not much new about it. It’s really the old communist progressive movement of the early part of the last century rehashed.

Joseph Stigliz, the left-wing economist at the left-wing Roosevelt Institute helped author the 13-point plan. No word on whether the Sandinistas had any role in it. Stiglitz is a revolutionary socialist who advises George Soros who seems to be everywhere these days.

Apparently Hillary Clinton is a fan of the plan, at least Stiglitz says she is.

De Blasio managed Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign. They’re old Marxist buddies from way back.

Stiglitz finds Barack Obama to be “too conservative” and “too afraid to take the bold kind of action that President Roosevelt took” during the Great Depression. Obama is clearly a Marxist redistributionist but he’s their tea party faction. They want to go much further left and most of the Democratic Party is on board.

A 112-page report, titled, “Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy,” lays out the “new” Progressive agenda.

The report complains about the rich of course, the very rich that the Progressives have made richer while killing the middle class. It’s so ironic that they can pretend they care about the Middle Class while doing everything they can to destroy it.

Like a typical Progressive, Stiglitz sees what has been done isn’t working so instead of shifting gears, he says it’s not working because there isn’t enough of what didn’t work in the first place. There is never enough for communists.

Stiglitz quotes Thomas Picketty who is a French communist economist of sorts, largely debunked, but popular with the elite leftists who would rule us.

Cliff Kincaid described the philosophy of both Stiglitz and Soros quite well.

“The Soros plan in terms of global economics is quite simple,” Kinaid wrote. “He wants to phase out the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency and bring the U.S. into a system of international socialism, with new and more powerful global agencies deciding our economic and financial fate. It will mark the end of the American system of self-government.”

These people are totalitarians There is nothing liberal about them. Their 13-point plan presented by de Blasio is right out of Communist Party USA.

The 13-point agenda below is signed by the usual far-left congressmen, economists, et al. I added my own comments to most.

1. Raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. (And get automated employees)

2. Reform the National Labor Relations Act to enhance workers’ rights. Currently, the NLRB operates like a totalitarian Attila the Hun.

3. Pass comprehensive immigration reform. This is open borders.

4. Oppose all trade deals.

5. Pass national paid sick leave.

6. Pass national paid family leave.

7. Make pre-K, after-school programs and child care universal. Don’t forget that the leftists in power conjured up The Live of Julia and they were serious about it.

8. Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit. Welfare, welfare, and more welfare.

9. Allow students to refinance student loan debt. Taxpayers get to pay for this.

10. Close the carried interest loophole. It’s not a loophole. The Progressive tax system allows for give-and-take. Without these benefits, it simply becomes an old Soviet-style tax structure.

11. End tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. That is most big companies. They are international. They will end up leaving the U.S. altogether.

12. Implement the “Buffett Rule” so millionaires pay their fair share. Where have we heard that before? Tax the rich until they are no more.

13. Closing the CEO tax loophole that allows corporations to take advantage of “performance pay” write-offs.

Coincidentally, the agenda matches the goals of the Soviet-linked Communist Party USA. I won’t link to them but they come right up when you google them.

This isn’t an agenda for growth as they say, it’s an agenda to kill America, kill growth, kill jobs, and end freedom. Self-government will give way to the totalitarian state. We are almost there.

When a full-fledged communist like Bill de Blasio can parade around the USA like a serious contender for the presidency, you know this country is in big trouble.

Huffington Post compares him with Hillary (their differences aren’t big) and they take him seriously as does NPR (that our tax dollars pay for), abc News, and the Atlantic and most other so-called mainstream publications.

That should terrify people.




  1. While I don’t agree with every one of these 13 points, some have merit. I would prefer to see an open debate on the merits of each. Discussion is how we will solve our problems. Unfortunately, too many people don’t want discussion. They prefer to throw the words like communism and socialism around to scare people and dismiss ideas out of hand. Our country has a long list of problems that need to be addressed. We need to move away from fear. We can’t be afraid of conversation.

    • It’s not throwing terms around when the person is a communist. Do you think for one minute that de Blasio or any of his comrades will discuss anything? The problem with the Democratic Party is their willingness to listen too much to the far-left. They’re being drawn into very totalitarian ways of doing things.

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