NYFD hero of 9/11 files suit over discrimination because he’s white


New York City Fire Department Lt. Daniel McWilliams, a 9/11 hero, filed a federal discrimination suit alleging that he was discriminated against by the FDNY two years ago because he is white.

Within the fire department, there’s a fraternal organization, the Vulcan Society, for black firefighters. On Nov. 19, 2017, the society held a memorial Mass for deceased members of the group. McWilliams had hoped to be a flag bearer at the ceremony, but his request was denied allegedly because of his race.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in Brooklyn, McWilliams cited a conversation that occurred between him and then-Vulcan Society president Regina Wilson just prior to the memorial mass.

“Lieutenant, I specifically requested an all-black color guard,” Wilson allegedly said to him.

“Are you removing me from the color guard because I am not black?” he reportedly replied.

“Yes I am,” she then confirmed.

There were witnesses.

“As a result of the defendants’ conduct, [McWilliams] has suffered severe shame, emotional distress and damage to his reputation,” the lawsuit reads, according to the New York Daily News. “Defendant Wilson … intentionally, maliciously and publicly stripped the plaintiff of (his) prestigious honor … on account of his race.”

McWilliams is one of three FDNY firefighters famous for having hoisted the American flag back up at Ground Zero immediately following the Sept. 11 terror attacks:

The Vulcan Society is a Problem

In the past, the Vulcan Society demanded that the FDNY hire black applicants despite being unfit. A friendly judge has enforced illegal racial quotas on their behalf.

The Vulcan Society brought a complaint charging the test, based solely on abilities, was discriminatory.

Judge Nicholas G. Garufis demanded that the NYFD hire according to race-based quotas and declared the NYFD test racist. Race-based quotas have been struck down by the SCOTUS – they are illegal. Bloomberg’s office has tried to get Garaufis removed because of his irrational rulings but that is difficult to do if not impossible.

The problem as the judge sees it is that minorities are underrepresented with Whites holding 89% of the jobs. Whites have the jobs because they did better on the test so the judge has decided the test was unfair.

This is discrimination against non-blacks. It’s more of the false disparate impact ideology.

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