NYPD Chief rejects Union’s advice to cops to follow the policy manual


The New York police union has advised their officers to go strictly by the policy book. It will in effect be a slowdown.

New York Police Department (NYPD) Chief of Department Terence Monahan urged officers to ignore the union’s guidance.

“I’m going to tell you right now that is pretty bad advice,” Chief Monahan said on Friday, according to the New York Post.

“Anyone who is going to hesitate while they’re about to lock up a bad guy is endangering their own lives. We do not give criminals the upper hand in an arrest situation,” he said.


This is a result of the firing of the former officer Pantaleo. During the five-year long probe by the Feds, Police Commissioner O’Neill told the union that he had their backs and Pantaleo would keep his pension, according to the union, the Police Benevolent Association. That didn’t happen.

There is another alternative to the Chief’s advice. The patrol policy book could be rewritten. It’s obvious the communist mayor, the commissioner, and the city council don’t have their backs.

In response to the Pantaleo firing, the PBA put out a list of guidelines for officers to follow in order to keep them out of trouble.

PBA President Patrick Lynch warned that Commissioner O’Neill’s termination of Officer Pantaleo set a dangerous precedent and “fundamentally changed the nature of our job” when he allowed politics to determine Officer Pantaleo’s fate without regard for the facts.

In order to be in exact compliance with the patrol guide, officers will have to do a lot of things in a specified way that, in the past, was unofficially left to officers’ discretion.

“For every job involving a possible arrest situation, immediately request response by patrol supervisor and additional members to help control situation, pursuant to P.G. 221-02, ‘Use of Force,’” the PBA memo instructed officers in accordance with NYPD policy. “Await the patrol supervisor’s arrival before attempting to effect an arrest, except when immediate action is necessary to protect life and personal safety of all persons present (see P.G. 221-02).”

“Prior to effecting an arrest, confer with the patrol supervisor,” the memo said, and reminded officers to use their bodycams and “document in your memo book all instructions received from the patrol supervisor or other supervisors at the scene.”.

The memo also reminded officers that anytime a suspect doesn’t voluntarily submit to being handcuffed, they need to request an Emergency Service Unit (ESU) before they can take that suspect into custody.

Officers should “attempt to isolate and contain the suspect” while they wait for ESU to arrive, as per NYPD official policy.


The political appointees can’t have it both ways, some say. If they aren’t going to back officers, they can’t also have set policies they can nail them with in the event of a mob uprising.

An NYPD official told Blue Lives Matter that following the department’s actual guidelines was going to cause a massive slowdown in officers’ response time to emergencies and keep the ESU, NYPD’s SWAT team, busy so they’re not available when they’re really needed.

“It’s very well known that for a majority of circumstances, the patrol guide is not followed to a T because you’d never get anything done,” the official told Blue Lives Matter. “It’s just too inefficient to do everything that way.”


Garner, a longtime criminal, was arrested by NYPD officers on July 17, 2014, after police stopped him for selling individual, untaxed loose cigarettes on a city sidewalk.

He resisted arrest and fought with officers who struggled to take the 350-pound man into custody.

In the process of subduing Garner, video taken by witnesses showed that Officer Pantaleo had his arm around Garner’s neck and pressed his face against the sidewalk.

Garner repeatedly told officers “I can’t breathe,” a phrase that became a rallying cry for the Marxist Black Lives Matter, a hate group, in the months that followed.

Officer Pantaleo later said he tried to use a “seatbelt maneuver” on Garner.

The autopsy showed no damage to any area of Garner’s neck.

Note: Despite the fact that you will see over and over on television and in print that the “choke hold” was “illegal,” the fact is the so called choke hold is NOT illegal, just proscribed by NY City Police procedures.)  The highly emotional case has been exacerbated by the irate family of Eric Garner, with his widow having demanded “civil unrest.

A grand jury refused to indict.

After a five-year-long federal inquiry, a left-wing administrative judge said Pantaleo should be fired.


The Garner widow wants to make certain former Officer Pantaleo never works again. She also wants the other four officers present upon the arrest of her husband to be fired. Mrs. Garner demands the removal of the PBA President Patrick Lynch.

She is out to hurt people, even after receiving an $8.9 million payout. Her husband had a criminal record from the age of 10 for assault and other crimes and he was resisting arrest while breaking the law. But Al Sharpton came along and made it about race and cop hatred.

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