NYPD Commish Says Americans with Guns Are More of a Problem Than Terrorism


Bratton idiot

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told CNN’s Don Lemon that Americans with guns are a bigger threat than terrorism. How offensive and ridiculous is that? Criminals and terrorists are the threat. This is the state that lost thousands of people on 9/11.

This is the commissioner who has to keep New York City safe as the threat of terrorism grows throughout the country.

The guns aren’t the problem nor are law-abiding gun owners. Evil and radical Islam are the problems. He’s another lefty loon blaming guns.




  1. It’s really pathetic, but we can expect to see more of this from the local authorities. Pretty soon everyone behind the badges will also be bowing towards Mecca, and it will be the non-Muslim patriots who will be, and are already being deemed terrorists.

    • Another word for “guns” is “firearms,” which is the word he used. That’s your English lesson for the day, Michael. In Obama’s AMERICA you can’t fix stupid.

    • You no all i have herd is how bad guns are. I have been around guns all my 57 years. And to this day its not the guns its the dumm ass people that does not care about anyone or anything. Well if they come down my street or try to brake into my home they will not see tomm. Now they want to take all guns i dont think so not mine. I have the right to bare arms and by damn i am. No buddy is takeing my guns and a hole lot of outhers feel the same way. Now if they want to piss off millions of people try to take there guns. Then you will see a war in this usa. I am done.

  2. Bratton has not had to deal with responsible citizens who own guns. Because of NYC’s stupid law, the law abiding people are being deprived of the ability to protect themselves. He has no problem. He has a weapon and so many cops to protect his sorry and misguided ass. I remember a bumper sticker from a big gun store on Long Island that read When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns. That’s the problem.

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