NYPD Forced to Stop Surveilling Suspected Terror Mosques, Expunge All Records


Suspected terror mosques are being allowed to flourish in New York City and surrounding areas, including the Omar Mosque in Patterson New Jersey that is believed to be Sayfullo Saipov’s mosque. Saipov is the radical ISIS jihadi who killed eight and wounded at least 11 yesterday in Tribeca, New York City.

By 2015, the NYPD was being sued for a surveillance program that turned up the suspected terror mosques radicalizing their youth.

The NY Post reported in January 2015 that even the 92-page NYPD terrorism report might be removed to settle federal lawsuits by radical Islamic organizations against the NYPD for monitoring mosques under Commissioner Ray Kelly.

There was nothing bigoted about this report.

Under former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the report served as a blueprint for the NYPD’s “demographic unit,” which sent plainclothes detectives into Muslim cafes, stores and mosques to detect potential terrorists. It was later removed from all sight but we saved it and you can read the forbidden report at scrib’d or see it below.

The NYPD report had already been reworded because of threats and demands by Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups.

Obama, Holder and de Blasio said it had to be removed from the public eye completely. They sold that idea on the lie that is was “religious profiling” and discriminated against Muslims. In fact, radical Islam as practiced by Wahhabis and Salafists is not simply a religion. It is also a strict and violent political and social system in direct conflict with U.S. values and the Constitution.

The radical Muslim organizations demanded all surveillance stop and they won.

Terror mosques are being allowed to pop up all around us and no one is surveilling them. Make no mistake, all Wahhabi and Salafist mosques are radical by their nature.

Former U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy addressed those mosques this morning on Fox & Friends.

Dr. James Mitchell, who established the CIA interrogation program, said that the problem is we are admitting known radicals into the country because we don’t screen for these adherents.

We have been looking at radicalization all wrong, he said.

The Wahhabis and Salafists are radicals and once they have adopted that ideology, it’s very hard or impossible to change.

The solution is to not let the susceptible radicals in at all, nor should we allow these mosques to be built. These mosques, by their nature are dangerous and extreme, and are built and flourish under the guise of political correctness.

The 9/11 terrorist himself said the radical mosques serve as cloaking devices.

President Trump has promised to shut the Diversity visa program down but will he get cooperation in the Senate? It’s not likely.

We have taken nearly two million of the random people under this program, mostly Muslim, since its inception but each one of them can bring a nearly endless number of people via chain migration. Saipov alone brought in 23 people.

Radicalization in the West on Scribd

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