NYPD Is Building a Rape Case Against Molester Harvey Weinstein


Movie mogulHarvey Weinstein. who has spent 33 years sexually harassing women, has been accused of several rapes. There are six pending criminal cases against him since he was first exposed. One rape case from 2010 is deemed credible and could lead to his arrest.

Paz de la Huerta

CBS News reports that Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said Friday investigators have credible evidence that Harvey Weinstein raped actress Paz de la Huerta. They are building a case against him.

The actress was interviewed after calling them on October 26th. She said Weinstein raped her twice in her apartment on 2010.

Boyce said detectives found the “Boardwalk Empire” actress’ story believable and corroborated portions of her account.

They believe her because she had “The ability to articulate each and every minute of the crime, where she was, where they met, where this happened and what he did,” he said.

Weinstein hasn’t responded to media inquiries.

CBS News spoke with De la Huerta who said that the first rape occurred in October 2010 after Weinstein gave her a ride home from a party, insisted on having a drink in her apartment and forced himself on her. “He pushed me on the bed … and it happened all very suddenly,” she said.

She said the second rape occurred in December 2010 after Weinstein came to her apartment. De la Huerta had been drinking and was not in a condition to give consent, she told CBS News.

Would someone explain to me how she put herself in the position of being raped twice? Page Six reported that both rapes were in her apartment.

Two months after the first rape Weinstein showed up at her building and they went upstairs before he attacked her again, according to the actress.

Why did she let him in? She said she was drunk. Maybe. It’s confusing.

Speaking at a police briefing Friday, Boyce said of Weinstein: “If this person was still in New York, and it was recent, we’d go right away and make the arrest. No doubt. But we’re talking about a 7-year-old case. And we have to move forward gathering evidence first.”

Investigators could seek an arrest warrant, which requires a court order, or hand the evidence over to prosecutors to put the allegations to a grand jury to seek an indictment.

The DA has assigned a senior prosecutor to the case.


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