NYPD officers hurt as residents demonstrate their utter disrespect for police


The NYPD commissioner just fired police officer Daniel Pantaleo who did NOT kill Eric Garner and who did NOT use an illegal hold to try to keep the threatening, 300-pound Garner down. The mayor and everyone in power in New York do NOT support our police, despite the fact that the department is one of the finest in the country.

The abuse of police is showing effects in a number of ways. The most critical one is the complete disrespect shown to them by the residents.

The residents have gone from attacking the police with water to just attacking them.

Members of the New York City Police Department were hospitalized and eleven people were arrested after a party erupted into violent attacks against the officers.

Three NYPD police officers were hospitalized for injuries sustained over the weekend as “cop-hating mobs” hurled insults and objects at law enforcement called in to deal with a party that had gotten unruly, the New York Post reported.

Some people taunted officers, with at least one man calling them “cowards.”

Six or seven gunshots also erupted from a rooftop, which sent cops running towards the gunfire, according to the Post. No gun-related injuries were reported.

Video posted online shows people throwing milk into their eyes after witnesses said they were pepper-sprayed by police.

The residents claimed they were just sitting around and police pepper-sprayed them for no reason.

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