NYPD Reportedly Close to Arresting Harvey Weinstein for a 2004 Crime – Or Not


“We’re ready to go with an arrest,” said a senior police official who told The Daily Beast that the former movie mogul could be charged with sexual assault. The arrest, if indeed imminent, is for a crime committed in 2004.

We certainly don’t want to sound like we are supporting Harvey Weinstein since he’s a pig but the crime is well beyond the statute of limitations.

The media has widely reported that an arrest is imminent but many in authority say they are still accumulating evidence.

The only thing keeping Weinstein out of jail, for the moment, is an okay from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance according to the report from Daily Beast.

The Chief of Detectives has a different take, however. “We are still accumulating evidence,” Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told the Daily News.

“It’s going very, very well. We have a lot of information. We have a lot of information that we handed over to the grand jury. I would ask you to talk to Cy Vance,” Boyce said.

A law enforcement source said the DA’s office is still investigating.

“I have been assured that the filing of criminal charges against Mr. Weinstein has not been authorized and his arrest is not imminent,” his lawyer Ben Brafman said, adding that his client maintains his innocence.

The Case

The case is that of aspiring actress Lucia Evans who said she was forced to perform oral sex on Harvey in 2004.

There is a five year statute of limitations on this type of crime but the authorities are going to try and ignore the law based on the severity of the crime.

It doesn’t seem worse than any rape to us. All rapes are terrible but they still go by the statute of limitations.

Police are also investigating a rape claim by actress Paz de la Huerta. She was raped twice. Inexplicably, after being raped once by Harvey, she opened the door for him the second time.

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