NY’s “Drunk Judge” Arrested for Attempted Gun Purchase


Rochester’s “drunk judge” Leticia Astacio was arrested Tuesday and charged with attempted criminal purchase or disposal of a weapon, a class E felony, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Rochesterians and the media refer to her as the “drunk judge” because she is. In recent Facebook posts, she lambasted the media for criticizing her, calling them “racist”. She told them, “You’re mad because I’m a young minority getting paid.”

Judge Astacio was arrested at her home, arraigned, and released on her own recognizance.

Astacio is on probation for drunk driving since August 2016 and is not allowed to purchase a gun as a condition of her probation.

The judge has been barred from hearing cases since her February 2016 DWI arrest. She is supposed to still go to work but won’t. Out of the past 214 days, she went to work one day. She said that her work arrangements are bad for her health and “beneath that of an elected judge”. She makes $187k a year and recently received an $11,000 pay raise.

The drunk judge said she tried and failed to buy a gun at the Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Henrietta. That prompted a report with Monroe County Probation. On a Facebook video that has since been taken down, Judge Astacio claimed it was her sister who tried to purchase the weapon.

“I don’t play with guns, I’ve never had a gun, I’ve never touched a gun,” she said.

Her sister Felicia said she had never been to Dick’s to buy a gun.

The Greece assistant manager said the gun was denied because she seemed very distraught and upset and they did not feel comfortable selling her a shotgun. She told the employees she was going to another store to buy a gun.

Astacio told Dick’s employees that she did not really want a gun, but felt she needed one.

Employees can make the decision not to sell anyone a gun according to store policy.

The terms of Astacio’s probation prohibit her “possessing a firearm, dangerous weapon, or noxious substance.”


Astacio recently posted two Facebook videos bashing the Rochester media who complained about her getting a raise since she never goes to work. She had a lot of fans on her page rooting for her but has since taken her page down.

Watch her crazy rant on this clip:

The state Commission on Judicial Conduct, the only body charged with investigating and potentially disciplining judges accused of misconduct, is investigating Astacio. Apparently, it takes an awful lot to get a judge removed.

Her term is for 10 years and ends in 2024.

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