NYT says intel officials are cyber-attacking Russia but won’t tell Trump


The New York Times, which often publishes fake news stories about the President, claims that intelligence officials are launching cyber-attacks on Russia, but are deliberately keeping information about them from Trump.

According to the Times report, they’re doing this because they’re afraid he’ll countermand the attacks or tell the Russians, so instead, they told the Times???

Either the leak is fabricated, as they often are, or the intelligence officials are trying to make the President look like a dangerous ally of Putin’s again. Then there is also the possibility that the leaker is an Obama embed who is lying. Maybe the janitor told them.

Do you believe the Intelligence community would do this?


The President responded, saying it’s not true, and called the NYT treasonous and “THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

  • Hussein the RAT is behind almost all of this. The inevitable pantsuit princess is too old and reeks of potpurri and pickles.
    There are some dim witted dullards and other towers of intellect who still fall for the Chicago Jesus Pantsuit Princess fundamental utopia transformation tour schtick and some of them work for the Swamp State.