NYT Shocker! Kavanaugh Possibly Threw Ice at Someone in Yale


After digging away into Brett Kavanaugh’s history to find something that could keep him from the Supreme Court, the New York Times uncovered SHOCKING NEWS. A young Kavanaugh might have thrown ice at a guy after they exchanged words in a bar. There was an ensuing bar fight.

It’s actually a compliment to the judge that this is all they could find.

These so-called ‘news’ organizations aren’t looking for exculpatory information, they’re on a witch hunt to find something, anything to destroy the judge.

There are lots of lies, dead or non-witness witnesses, but very little to point to bad character. On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence to show the Democrats will do anything to destroy the judge.

The left loves the decades-old stories because they can’t be disproven or proven.

This story is getting more coverage than Blotto O’Rourke’s drunk driving-leaving the scene of an accident story.


The New York Times’ latest attack piece on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is co-authored by a Yale law lecturer who previously denounced Kavanaugh on Twitter because she disagrees with him.

The NYT reported on Monday evening that Kavanaugh once threw ice on a man at a bar — maybe.

The piece was co-authored by Emily Bazelon and Ben Protess, but it does not mention that at least one of the authors had already decided in July that Kavanaugh was not fit for the Supreme Court.


The New York Times told the Daily Caller this is a straightforward story based on police reports. Uh, not really all that straightforward.


The authors went back to 1985 when we were all singing to Jefferson Starship or not born yet and Brett Kavanaugh was 19 or 20 years old. The NYT followed up on comments made by a Chad Luddington, an ex-roommate who didn’t like Brett Kavanaugh.

The ‘blockbuster’ find was that the young Kavanaugh might have thrown ice on a patron and had to explain it to police.

Reporters obtained a New Haven police report detailing the “incident,” only to discover that while police were involved, Kavanaugh was questioned for allegedly throwing ice in another patron’s face “for some unknown reason,” and that a student named Chris Dudley — not Kavanaugh — threw the beer glass, which hit the 21-year-old victim in the ear.

Dudley, the glass-thrower, issued a full-throated denial to law enforcement. Kavanaugh, according to the police report, refused to say whether he threw ice or not.

The alleged victim couldn’t figure out why it happened but he did throw a punch at Kavanaugh and had him in an “embrace” prior to the glass throwing.

The story came to light when Chad Ludington, a former Yale classmate, issued a statement saying Kavanaugh drank to excess. Ludington is currently a left-wing professor who stood up for the second accuser Deborah Ramirez.

Ludington, who has been in touch with the FBI, said it was Kavanaugh’s response to a “semi-hostile remark.” He condemned Kavanaugh for not defusing the situation.

It took place after a UB40 concert when Kavanaugh and his friends were drinking pints, allegedly.

The article wasn’t simply straightforward as the NYT attests. It was slanted to make Kavanaugh look as bad as possible and there were omissions.

For example, the authors mention that Dudley said Kavanaugh did not drink to excess. But then the authors write, “several Yale classmates, including a former roommate and Mr. Ludington,” described Kavanaugh as “sometimes aggressive when he was drinking”.

In fact, there were other roommates and other friends who sided with Kavanaugh, not just Mr. Dudley. The story was slanted ever so gently against the judge.

And, anyway, who cares? Why are Democrats allowed to go back more than 30 years to hang a non-Democrat?

Ironically, at the end of the story, it says, “Be the first to know about big news. sign up for New York Times email alerts.”

This is big news?


Man-hating Sen. Hirono, who wants men to “shut up”, said the ice throwing in college was so serious that this is a reason to have an in-depth FBI probe into him.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders wants to know why the NYT is writing such a “ridiculous story”. I think we all know why.

Sen. McConnell mocked them.

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