O Canada! Migrants Pour Into Canada from US in “Unprecedented Numbers”


Fox News reported, people seeking asylum are leaving America for Canada in unprecedented numbers. They pour in from around the globe. Some have been in the United States for just days or weeks. Others for years.

Five times the number of migrants poured into Canada from the United States this year compared to all of 2016. So far this year, 13,000 have crossed illegally into Canada.

More than 5,700 asylum seekers crossed illegally in August alone, avoiding checkpoints and the risk of being sent back to America. Most simply walk in, crossing where a rural dead end in New York meets the Canadian border.

Prime Minister Trudeau did welcome them.

Justin Trudeau responded to Donald Trump’s immigration ban by saying Canada welcomes refugees who have been rejected from the US. He also said he was going to talk to Mr Trump about the success of the refugee and immigration policy in Canada.

Canadian officials are saying it’s unsustainable and they’ve stepped up deportations.



  1. Oh Canada, is right … and so begins the end for Canada … Muslim ‘refugees’ pour in … aka ‘the invasion force’ is on its way. Good luck, Canada — but you’ll need more than luck. And unfortunately you disarmed yourselves for the most part. And your free speech is lost — I read the other day on this site, wasn’t it, about the Canadian who went to prison for 5 months because he wrote (wisely), “No more Muslims” on a park bench.

    The Muslim virus is a deadly one.

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