Oath Keepers Announce Armed Demonstration With Ferguson Protesters


Oath Keepers

by Julie on Politics

During recent protests marking the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, the Oath Keepers gun group sent armed members to Ferguson, Mo. to provide “security” to journalists and local businesses.

Local law enforcement criticized the move, calling the Oath Keepers’ presence in Ferguson “inflammatory and unnecessary.” Many in the gun rights community also condemned the Oath Keepers’ activities, saying they did nothing but raise tensions and fan the flames of an already dangerous situation.

Now the Oath Keepers have announced they will return to Ferguson to stage an open carry demonstration, which they say will be joined by African-American Oath Keepers and members of the Ferguson community. An Oath Keepers leader also went on the record saying he believes the Ferguson protesters should be armed.

While the Oath Keepers’ prior activities in Ferguson may have led to increased tension, their new plan could actually cause someone to get hurt.

There are many law-abiding gun owners in the Ferguson community who should have every right to defend themselves, including residents who have banded together to protect businesses from looting and keep the community safe.

But there are also a large number of looters and violent criminals who have no business being anywhere near a firearm. These protesters have already destroyed property, fired on police, and caused permanent damage to the community.

Who, exactly, are the Oath Keepers trying to arm?

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6 years ago

Honestly how many black cops have killed white people, Mexicans, Asians, Indians??? It don’t give the black community the right to rob or pillage communities.. These criminals need to be stopped and stopped now its an act of terrorism. … What is the definition of a thief??? White, black, Indian, Asian don’t matter still the same definition….. Get off this racist card everyone when slavery was at its peak on census report around 1860 1.6 percent of Americans were slave owners and they were rich plantation owners… Our country has apologized for that and giving freedom to everyone get over it and move on in life instead of dwelling on the past you were no part of and using it as an excuse to kill rob businesses and cause riots if USA is so bad go back to whatever country your from and pull those stunts.. yes a young man was taken does it make it right for all of you to do what your doing?Regardless of your color when you attack a police officer and reach for his pistol your more than likely to get shot you just don’t do that!!!!