Obama 6X More Delusional Than Bush – Google Results



One particular day, just for giggles we googled “President Obama, delusional”, and then “President George W. Bush, delusional”. The former came up with over 3 million results. The latter lagged way behind, scoring 481,000.

Think about that. When linking both Barack and “W’s” name plus office, with a very disturbing behavioral descriptor, our current president outpaced #43 by better than a 6 to 1 ratio.


Having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions

Maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually the result of mental illness

Go back six years. Using a measure based on the word defined above, who could have envisioned a fellow hailed as the smartest, sharpest, coolest chief executive ever, would be so upside down when compared to his endlessly mocked predecessor? Maybe it’s because Obama says and does things that increasing numbers of people find absolutely unbelievable.

He declares wars over when they aren’t. He claims enemies defeated even as they are clearly growing stronger. Despite undeniable evidence repeatedly presented by armies of jihadi-type killers referring specifically to their faith, Barack refuses to utter the term Islamic extremism.

Undaunted by numerous, glaring failures in diplomacy, he remains supremely confident in his negotiating skills. Despite intense bi-partisan criticism, the president’s convinced he can strike a deal with an ever more dangerous, nearly nuclear Iran. Vladimir Putin has taken our Commander in Chief’s promise for “greater flexibility” right to the bank. Vlad deposited Crimea in Mother Russia’s account and is looking to cash in more of the Ukraine.

Even former media cheerleaders, critiquing Obama’s State of the Union propaganda-palooza, are beginning to find it all just too much to take. The Washington Post headline was “Unanimity at last: “Unanimity at last: Obama is delusional on foreign policy

It’s not just papered over crises overseas that highlight the president’s out of touch approach to policies he’s championed. There are his pie/lie in the sky promises on ObamaCare. With all the focus on his 4 Pinocchio pledge re: keeping your MD and plan, almost forgotten is Obama’s impossible, utopian vow that an average family will save $2,500 yearly in premiums.   Highly regarded, former Democrat Senator and presidential candidate Bob Kerrey, citing “self-delusion”, hit hard over Barack’s unreal portrayal of the “Affordable Care Act.”

Unrealistic, failed policies aside, perhaps the most telling indictment of Barack’s troubling behavior is found in the count of folks growing more uncomfortable with his bizarre responses to truly tragic events. All too frequently he seems to lack a genuine, sustained sense of compassion or grief following heinous deadly attacks claiming innocent lives. Remember Obama skipping out to fundraising junkets after Benghazi, Fort Hood and….the Malaysian passenger jet being blown from the sky?

How about something more recent. The president scampered off to a laugh fest, golf, photo op immediately after making a statement regarding the beheading of fellow countryman and journalist, James Foley. Almost 3 weeks later, on Meet the Press, Mr. Obama claimed he “should’ve anticipated the optics” of his ill-timed, carefree, 18 hole outing. He followed with, “but part of the job is also the theater of it”. How ironic then, on the very day another American hostage, Kayla Mueller, was confirmed killed, our Commander in Chief went all inappropriate theater by filming a selfie “shtick” video for Buzz Feed.

That’s analogous to a heartless egotist half apologizing for having yucked it up moments after paying his respects over an open casket, then repeating the offense at the next wake. The latter mentioned scenario, given multiple, carefully planned “mugging” and other comic “optics”, made the episode far worse.

It seems when faced with an undeniable reality that doesn’t fit his specific vision of events, Barack Obama retreats to take false comfort in some imaginary, virtual world of his own making. It is a very frightening pattern that’s becoming more and more obvious to millions of stunned Americans.

And it’s this awakening that helps explain Google results considered unthinkable in 2008. Back then, if you’d said within the next 7 years a snapshot look linking the word delusional with Obama and Bush would badly embarrass Barack, people would have thought you were delusional. Now it appears they’re more likely to pin that label on President Obama.


Photo via FrontPage Magazine

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