Obama About to “Transfer” Committed Jihadist Mahmud Mujahid



Mahmud Mujahid, photo via Miami Herald

The reclassification came “under Executive Order 13567,” signed by President Obama on March 7, 2011, according to the board making the decision.

Thus man, who was recently described as not rehabilitated, is now being described as rehabilitated.  He has been described as a “high risk” Al Qaeda fighter and “a committed jihadist.”

This release isn’t about the safety of Americans or our military, it’s political. It’s about emptying out GITMO.

According to the Miami Herald, “in 2010, an Obama Task Force listed him among 48 Guantánamo prisoners who were considered too dangerous to release but who could not be charged with a crime because of a lack of evidence. Two since died, and now Mujahid leaves the indefinite detainee list, reducing the figure of forever prisoners to 45.”

The DOJ now says that there is enough evidence to convict Mujahid but they have declined to do so.

A Pentagon announcement said a “consensus” of a six-member Periodic Review Board representing U.S. intelligence and other agencies “found that continued law of war detention is no longer necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the United States.”

Transfers in Obamaspeak mean the terrorist is sent to a paper prison in a terrorist country or a country at war where the person will soon be released or will “escape.”

Another one of Usama bin Laden’s bodyguards is believed to be behind the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the other three men in Benghazi.

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