Obama Ad Claims Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney Are Going to Hurt Everyone


The “nice guy” President has already produced the dumbest, most juvenile ad yet.

It’s accompanied by a hit piece and when you click on the video, it drags you instantly to a new attack watch site set up just for Paul Ryan.

You have to give Romney and Ryan credit for being willing to put up with this.

The silly ad, concocted by David “The Axe” and other Obama cohorts, starts out describing Ryan as “the Mastermind” of the “extreme” GOP plan. I can’t wait to see how the NY Times handles Ryan tomorrow – it will be nasty.

The dopey ad, with goose-bumpy music playing in the background, has numerous Obamanistas scaring people half to death by claiming the Ryan budget will hurt seniors, the middle class, the disabled, immigrants’ children (that includes illegals of course), women, college students, veterans..and all this pain is just to pay off the richest at the top of the food chain.

Oh, and Romney and Ryan are going to crash the economy. That is the same economy Obama is sending into a death spiral with crazed spending.

It’s pretty funny how the ad squeezes almost every voting group into 1:34 minutes – I’ll give them credit for that. The ad did leave out the Tea Party voting bloc. I think the Obamanistas plan to send them to the Gulag if they win.

Could we please stop the nasty ads and talk about how we are going to get people back to work and have Congress pass a responsible fiscal budget.