Obama Admin Illegally Excluded Military Veterans from Jobs in DoJ


The Washington Times reported that the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, a government watchdog group, says Obama’s Department of Justice manipulated job vacancies in such a way as to make certain U.S. military veterans would be excluded from being qualified for the positions.

The Obama officials kept changing the qualifications, discouraged them, withdrew the job openings and just wouldn’t give them the jobs.

Military veterans don’t make good embeds for leftists and that could be why they did it.

Veterans applying for positions with the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program were the ones specifically affected. The group found that the DoJ scheduled off-site meetings in the hopes of forcing candidates with a military background to drop out. When veterans did not drop out, the DoJ canceled the job opening, rewrote the requirements to exclude the military applicants and re-listed the jobs a year later.

The OSC said it was illegal to try to force the veterans to pull out of the job search.

If a veteran did get to the final stages, the DoJ hired the non-veteran despite veterans having priority.

The ICITAP officials told investigators they didn’t try to pressure the veterans, but instead explained why they should withdraw.

Apparently that is still illegal.

Obama hated out military and that could also be a reason for this. The man is hard-left and that’s an ideological tenet of the hard left.

Obama let our veterans die in VA hospitals.

It’s hard to forget how Obama treated World War II veterans – old and dying – who wanted to see the memorials during the government shut down. He closed the open air memorials off for no good reason. The guards put cones around the Iwo Jima Memorial at such a great distance, that men with their failing eyesight couldn’t see them.

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