Obama Administration Announces Two New Gun Control Mandates


VP Biden’s office announced two new gun control laws by executive fiat. Obama will allow states to provide more information about the mentally ill and even those simply seeking mental health treatment to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.


One of Obama’s fiats will allow states to submit ‘limited information necessary to help keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands,’ in violation of HIPAA laws.

This government has no regard for our privacy and Obama believes he has the right to simply overrule HIPAA if it suits his purpose.

People will not be prohibited from having a firearm according to the statement issued by Biden’s office, or so they say now.

The second action clarifies for states who is considered committed to a mental institution, both inpatient and outpatient, to help states determine who is barred from having guns.

The federal government wants states to give up more data to the National Background Check System, which could one day be converted into a National Gun Registry.

Inch by inch, we will lose our Second and Fourth Amendments.

Americans had better keep their guns. Listen to a victim of Hitler’s occupation of Austria. Austria was taken over gradually, it took five years:

video via Right Wing News

Full story: Fox News