Obama Administration Criminally Investigating Instructors Who Are ‘Pests’



Photo of Inspector Holder Clouseau

Instructors who teach skills on how to beat a polygraph exam are being put under criminal investigation by Obama’s Justice Department as part of his ‘Insider Threat’ program, the program which also has government employees spying on each other and turning one another in.

Obama is now going after anyone who imparts information that might help them evade a highly inaccurate test, the lie detector.

There are many innocent reasons to want to learn the techniques of dealing with a polygraph and one of them is that they are based on junk science but used for job hiring.

This is how Obama rolls and the First Amendment be damned.

We saw how the Obama administration operated in the AP scandal and the James Rosen case. He wants information critical of his administration to dry up. The free press isn’t very free.

More significantly, we saw how his administration dealt with Benghazi survivors who have been moved around, had their names changed, and who have been subjected to the unusual tactic of monthly lie detecter tests.

Polygraph-beating instructors teach things like controlled breathing, muscle tensing, tongue biting and mental arithmetic. Let’s string them up!

They turned over their records to the DOJ, with lists of 5,000 people who’d sought polygraph-beating advice. U.S. agencies have determined that at least 20 of them applied for government and federal contracting jobs, and at least half of that group was hired, including by the National Security Agency.

It’s not known if the instructors’ methods are accurate to any significant degree.

The two were supposedly willing to teach undercover agents posing as drug traffickers and sex traffickers but we can’t know for sure because the record are sealed.

One of the two instructors investigated said he did nothing wrong. He has spoken openly about his work, even having appeared on 60 minutes. He crusades against the use of the tests because of their high unreliability. The other instructor has pleaded guilty to federal charges because he is terrified and broke from what he says he never expected. He said he had no idea he was breaking the law.

These two men are being served up as an example.

The Obama administration likes to send frightening messages to the unlikeliest suspects out of the clear blue sky.

What these men were doing was not equivalent to any act ever codified as a countermeasure such as bomb making. The government is reaching into normal activities of society and criminalizing them, and overcharging them.

One man who was teaching ‘good’ police officers how to pass tests, stopped advising them because he saw FBI activity on his website.

Investigating instructors has never been done before – surprise, surprise! The government has never criminally investigated teachers for imparting information before. Maybe that is because it sets a dangerous precedent affecting the First Amendment.

It’s part of the DOJ’s effort to root out ‘insider threats.’ Leaking to Congress could be considered an insider threat by this administration. Newspapers finding out about NSA spying on Americans might be another.

The 30 or so people who do this are considered ‘pests’ so of course our government is going after them criminally.

If the government believes the polygraph instructors are teaching people to lie to beat a crime, they are pursuing them with charges of wire fraud, lying, obstruction, and misprision of felony.

The danger of course is that they can now go after any of them and claim they suspect criminal conspiracy to simply eliminate them, violating their First Amendment rights in the process.

Well, they are pests after-all!

Never mind that polygraphs have about a 70% accuracy rate and shouldn’t be used for hiring anyway. The testing is considered by most in the scientific community to be a pseudoscience.

Innocent people are often accused of lying as a result of these tests.

The test measures and records physiological indices – blood pressure, pulse, respiration, skin conductivity – while the subject answers questions. Supposedly lies produce physiological responses that are different from when one tells the truth.

Sociopaths are said to do well beating these tests because their conscience is hardly working and they produce few physiological counterpoints.

The National Academy of Sciences found the test cannot discern lies when hiring. They also found that the majority of polygraph research was ‘unreliable, unscientific and biased.’ As a broad measure for an initial investigation for spies, it might have some value.

I equate it to handwriting analysis, body language, and astrology.

Obama now has a government policy as part of the ‘Insider Threat’ program that requires employees turn one another in if they suspect the colleague is revealing information. They not only are requested to do it, they are mandated to do it or they will be subjected to the same punishment as the offender.

Obama has shown his sneaky side before. His campaign site, ‘Attack Watch’ – even the name is inappropriate for a president to use – asked people to report anything they heard from Obama’s opponents that sounded ‘fishy.’

The government’s spy on your colleague program is aimed at whistleblowers. He has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other prior administrations combined.

The government is using the program to penalize unauthorized disclosures of any information, not merely classified information. Federal employees and contractors are being told to watch for “high-risk persons or behaviors” among co-workers.

If they don’t, they face penalties and even criminal charges. They are being forced into spying on other employees.

McClatchy reported on suspect behaviors:

“It’s about people’s profiles, their approach to work, how they interact with management. Are they cheery? Are they looking at Salon.com or The Onion during their lunch break? This is about ‘The Stepford Wives,’” said a second senior Pentagon official, referring to online publications and a 1975 movie about robotically docile housewives. The official said he wanted to remain anonymous to avoid being punished for criticizing the program.”

Are they cheery? Really? If you’re a paper pusher and you’re not cheery, watch out!!! What about the fact that an official has to be terrified for criticizing a program?

What’s next with this administration? If a science teacher instructs on how chemicals combine to make explosives are they at risk? How about gun manufacturers? Recently, California proposed a law that would make it illegal to sell any parts that could be used to make an assault rifle.

What about instruction on how terrorists or radical Islamists operate? What if you’re not cheery and are teaching prospective job applicants how to sound good on a government job interview? Will they draw the line anywhere? There are a lot of ‘pests’ out there!

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